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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dollar Tree sells US flag with 61 stars | Obama Model?

Well. in that case it would be 57 stars for the Obama model, instead of the 61 that this man found on his flag purchased at the Dollar Tree, which is emblematic of some Chinese manufacturing company not giving a damn how many stars and stripes are there and for what reasons, then selling them to some Muslim Dollar Store Owner who doesn't give a damn either.

Especially since they plan on it changing in the not too distant future to this thing if Obama doesn't stop stealing American's money from the treasury.

DALLAS — Next weekend, when you see the red, white and blue proudly displayed for Independence Day, take a closer look.

President Eisenhower set the standard for all American flags 51 years ago. The order requires 13 stripes and 50 stars on a field of blue.

Tim Childress had to double-check when he unfurled Old Glory — he got more than he wanted

Large or small, the American Flag is supposed to be flown with pride, a symbol of our nation.

The seven red stripes represent hardiness and valor; six white stripes stand for for purity and innocence. There's a blue field for perseverance and justice. And, of course, 50 stars for each of the 50 states.

That makes Tim Childress' flag something other than American.

"You can kind of see the stars are all crooked, and if you count them, there's actually 61 stars," he said.

Childress counted several times. He multiplied rows and columns. He counted them one-by-one.

Every time, it added up to 61.


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  1. The man's lucky he wasn't poisoned by that flag.  It should be against the law to import American flags made in a communist country.

  2. This is what happens when your flag is not <span>MADE IN AMERICA</span>!!

  3. I thought this post might be a joke and am saddened it is not. If things are not bad enough in this nation we now have to double check Old Glory?!?!?

    I would not even bring this to a AMVET or VFW Hall for disposal.

  4. Absolutely Curt, and to think how many of our finest like yourself have fought and died for it, in between burning them and making them in China I don't know which one's worse. :(

  5. Another sad point is How many of these things are actually hanging somewhere and no one but this lone man noticed it. I frankly would have hoped I would notice just because it looks 'busy' in the star area.

  6. How sad we've come to a point where we don't even manufacture our own flag related products to make sure of their top flight quality or what should be. :(

  7. If these liberals get around to somehow controlling the internet man it's over for this country. We're the watchdogs now and have to be. We can't trust anyone in power right now and I really seriously believe we should fire every person in the government right down to the janitors. Our country is infiltrated with the enemy right up to the white house!!

  8. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?  Come on, the hits just keep on coming!  Any other country would have gone postal and recalled every flag.  Not the US, let's CONTINUE to sell those flags!  What a dishonor to our American Flag.  First, it's a mistake secondly let's sell it for a buck...what respect :(  

  9. Ya know that fact escaped me Val., no kidding, they are selling it for a buck and that itself is an insult of high order. Damn. They probably sell Lady Blah Blah posters for more.


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