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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Axelrod Blames Bush On Daily Show for Obama's Failures....still... 15 minutes worth

I've never in all my life seen nor heard a group of adults blame everyone else for their miscalculations and outright failures of a policy Europe and Russia have PROVEN without a doubt is mired in failed philosophy like this Chicago cabal.

They act like they're the first administration to deal with problems...At one point Axelrod whines "one day it's pirates, and the next day it' robots knocking into an oil draining pipe " and so on.

It's like a kid rattling off excuses for why they came home after curfew one after the other.

It their 'revised Marxism" that doesn't work, as it's been proven time and again that eventually, one runs out of other people's money, and Obama's even spent trillions of the next 4 generations of American income in 16 months on failed economic stimuli and bribes proving it.

My disbelief for the ObaMoronic class buying this crap a second time around is beyond precedent.

Also, remember that Obama engaged in the longest presidential campaign in American history, 3 years, and he's already running for term number 2 despite the fact that 'Numero Uno" has been an abject failure in every single measurable area. Every one. Failure.

Oh, but it's all Bush's fault. That's the only explanation this man has again and again for his attack on American's way of life from all angles and you can hear |David Axelrod in the second part of what for me was a nearly intolerable couple of minutes doing just that....Blaming Bush.

(here's part one, and it's the same thing, 'wah wah wah wah' like siren...)

David Axelrod Unedited Interview Pt. 2
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  1. Well thats why they call it a comedy show. =-O

  2. At least Stewart called him a little on that in the other parts of the tape. I never watch this man but they see this thing coming off the rails as their bank accounts empty in Hollywood like everyone elses....too little too late huh Chris....


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