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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 100 Americans the left hate more than Bin Laden

This would be the list of conservatives liberals would love to see killed more than Osama Bin Laden.

We fall in around number 7 and rather than make a rebuttal list as to which liberals I despise the most it's probably easier to compile a list of those I don't hate at the moment.

None. I don't discriminate. It's just easier to just hate em ALL right back. ; )

From TownHall.com....

As we have watched the ongoing fight in America over the direction ofthe country, the actions of the Obama administration and Democratic Congress, and the efforts of the tea party movement, the Townhall editorial team has noticed a disturbing pattern: the American Left is trashing everyone who dares to stand against them.

The more effective the voices that oppose their agenda, the greater the venom the Left spews in their direction. continue reading
The top 10, in ascending order and with my snide commenting in the parentheses:

10. Michele Bachmann (I would think she would be in the top three for them, as she's loved out there)

9. Bill O’Reilly (You'd think they'd like O'Reilly, he's Obama's biggest cheerleader there.)

8. Dick Cheney (they're already praying for his death today.)

7. The tea party patriot (This is where we fall, I hate them a little higher, like # 3 below Ahmadickwad and Al Queda....)

6. Michelle Malkin (they'd love nothing more than see this little keg of dynamite silenced)

5. Ann Coulter (Double Ditto)

4. George W. Bush (With those loons on the loose I was grateful he made it alive to the end of his two terms and to think it only took 16 months of Obama to want Bush back for even the left...)

3. Rush Limbaugh (Not No. 1? Is this Elton John’s fault?)

2. Sarah Palin (But of course.)
… and the number one hated conservative on earth of course...

No. 1, Glenn Beck
Thanks to Beck, Americans are waking up to what our government is up to and are hungering for the real story of their nation—the one that the progressive movement, using the schools and universities, has tried to keep from them.

We are falling in love with our country again.

That is why the Left hates him.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Its very sad when the Left who are demented think that people who love this country are worse than America's real enemies.  The top ten on the list sounds about right.  We must continue to spread both the truth and a love for America as these great conservatives do.

  2. You know Ray, that's an awesome statement: We're falling in love with our country again." That is so true, and it wasn't that we ever fell out of love, we just didn't know she was being so terribly man-handled with our unknowing assitance.

  3. The left is scared.  We have co-opted their tactics and are using them more effectively than they do (It is easier to do when you don't need to rely on Mommy and Daddy for money.).

  4. That's spot on and funny as hell Katie

  5. Thanks Maggie, it's kind of true, it took this bum and his 111th congress to do it.

  6. Yup we do and they're all great Americans> I just pray they don't find the same 'kool aid' to drink when we put 'them' in charge. Something effects these people when they finally get there. ;)

  7. Ray you have done it again! Thanks for the hard work.

  8. This is happy news!  We do love our country more than they hate us.  Good always triumphs in the end.
    I hate all of them worse than anything.  It's  great Beck isw being listened to.
    I hope everyone on this list stays safe, these loons will do anything to win.

  9. Why thank you sir. I appreciate the kind words. 8-)

  10. It always has triumphed and let's hope our work out here is another means to that end which we pray comes soon in November.

    We have to be the ACORN on the right and drag our friends and families asses to the polls and make sure they all vote twice. ;)


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