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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Post # Ten Thousand: A Teacher Has To SUE to Flunk Her Dumb Students...(wth? wtf ? and all that....)

That's right, 10,009 posts on this freaking blog folks. That's an awful lot of  nice and many harsh words. for mostly the people of our illustrious government and the 49.9% and dropping who haven't grown up yet ..over 800,000...and thanks as always to my loyal blogger buddies and mostly the peeps who keep reading, I appreciate it greatly.

And  here goes another rant about the very type thing that got me doing this to begin with,  that day I was working on the computer as I do for a living and simultaneously I'm sitting there watching  and reading about Muslims burning shit over stupid Muhammad cartoons, and I was so pissed off  I needed to bitch about it and that's what started this blog. (while I had others which were more like websites than today's blogs, back during the Bush Administration starting on 911,  they morphed into this one...)

and this Post, 10,010,  is going to be on the Teacher in Baton Rouge of all places (principal name Shilonda  Shamlin,  which says much about the demographics) who has to sue to flunk a student  But  First the story...

Sheila Goudeau, by all accounts, was a good teacher. In fact, she was the only nationally certified teacher at Riveroaks Elementary School, and she was a nominee for teacher of the year.

But that didn’t qualify her to grade her students, according to a suit she has filed against the East Baton Rouge, La., school and its administrators.

According to the civil rights suit filed in federal court in Baton Rouge, Goudeau was asked to teach fourth grade last year by the school’s principal, Shilonda Shamlin, in order to help raise grades and have students prepare for the state mandated Louisiana Educational Assessment Test (LEAP), which all students in the state must pass to move on to the next grade.

After she took the job, the suit alleges, Shamlin ordered that no student was to get a failing grade and that teachers were not to record any grade lower than a "D." 

Goudeau’s attorney, Craig Sterling Watson, said the suit doesn’t specify why Shamlin gave the orders, and he said Goudeau still doesn't know. He said Goudeau complied with the orders and didn’t fail students, but she complained about the orders and filed a grievance with the school district.

read more on this at FOXNews.com -

That alone describes every single thing wrong with America right at the source of the problem. Our out of control schools which should all be shut down and run with vouchers and privatization because the public schools in every Urban area teach nothing but failure and that's why they can't fail a student, because they'd have to fail them all.

After she took the job, the suit alleges, Shamlin ordered that no student was to get a failing grade and that teachers were not to record any grade lower than a "D."

Holy fill in the blank on that one. This is total liberal nanny state touchy feely pussified America crud and these kind of kids can be seen in just minutes on any Myspace page which verifies this theory as well.. and that is this:
Our non melting melting pot culture has never been more ignorant and stupid since the advent of books on this continent with the Pilgrims. 

They were 100 times wiser in their time than the medium to mediocre of our society today, a hundred times with nothing but a couple books  at their disposal, and the main one of course was always the Bible, never the freaking KORAN.

Now today we have teacher's making 6 figure salaries as the days of the "underpaid teacher" seem a universe away, and they need to return ASAP because most teachers today aren't hungry anymore, they're "here for the free beer" like far too many in America today (notice I did not say Americans) along with others who care about nothing but the check at the end of the week, month, whatever.

Especially when you finally see that a teacher wants her students to learn so much, yet can't even flunk a dumb student when she wants to who deserves it for obvious PC reasoning,  and the next thing you know you have this chain of events:

That dumb kid who they "passed" that they should have "failed" and taught  "again and better" may end up at Harvard  "only because he's half black and doesn't have to pay the bill to get in" despite the fact that he never wrote or published a damn thing while at  and yet still was named the Editor of the Harvard Law Review (anyone smell a token?) 

where under normal un-PC circumstances he never should have been accepted in the first place as well as Columbia University, another Ivy League school (which my brother did and cost over a half million for both places, and where did Obama get the dough?  No one cares..) where he also won't release any of his college records, and I know why

Because there are none. Only about 3 people remember the man. You could find hundreds who remember my loud mouth from High School and college, they're all on my Facebook page, about 300 of them to be more exact.
....and yet he still became the Editor of the Law Review, still ran for a couple offices somehow managing to win even after smoking some crack along the way while supposedly organizing the hood and become president.

That's what happens when you can't flunk someone in the fourth grade and we're living through it right now.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. LOL-sounds like CPS when they test the children and label them "learning disabled" then make a custom curriculum for them just so they can pass. Um, is the real world going to make things custom? Then they wonder why there are high school grads that can't read. 

  2. Interesting trend but not a surprise.  We already give away money to those who do not work for it.  Why not give away achievement to those who do not earn it?

  3. A classic Chigago Ray rant! If you write another 10,000 posts, I plan to be reading them.

  4. Thanks I appreciate it PT and I hope all's well with ya sir..

  5. It's like achievement today is a dirty word...dems everyone equal and we "'all come in first place together" weee!  How unrealistic.

  6. "<span>LOL-sounds like CPS when they test the children and label them"

    Indeed it does and it's they who labels everyone because they have to divide to conquer anything..they don't have the numbers of people they claim to. MSM smoke and mirrors and others just wanna be "part of the gang" and do not think for themselves. ;)


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