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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pensions for 131 school retirees top $150,000 each annually

Anyone with any question what's bankrupting all our state governments and federal government? Unions and their pensions of which many are greater than the Kings and Queens in Congress have voted themselves over the years. I belong to 2 unions (count em' 2 AFM and the CTU) and I'm not taking anything home ever like this for my efforts.

I won't live long enough to see any of that as if it'll be there in the first place.

Take it now and you find out how Barney Frank feels in the morning after a night of ankle grabbing bathhouse fun.

Look no further than this school superintendent for a school district where my tax dollars are pissed away each year and the $750,000 Island kingdom he's living in with other millionaires where the average Joe can't even drive their car through.

The clubhouse at Seabrook Island, S.C., where retired Palatine schools
Superintendent John Conyers built a home. Courtesy of Seabrook Island Club

Daily Herald : "Seabrook Island, S.C., is an oceanfront community with gracious custom homes, two championship golf courses, pools, horseback riding on pristine beaches and fine dining on Low Country cuisine.

A short drive from Charleston, this is a place where, as its Web site states, 'the world rarely intrudes.'

Seabrook is a private island, meaning the average taxpayer isn't invited, but it is home to a man living off Illinois tax dollars: retired Palatine schools Superintendent John Conyers.

Conyers, 64, retired from Palatine Township Elementary District 15 in 2003, and according to public records, built a $690,000, 3,800-square foot home in Seabrook Island the following year.

He got $217,482 last year as a pension from the state of Illinois, according to the Teachers' Retirement System. Thanks to 3 percent annual cost of living increases, that's up by $33,556 since he retired.

He's one of many retired administrators from the suburbs who are among the top school pension recipients in the state.

Public pensions are the focus of intense scrutiny as Illinois tries to figure out how to pay $78 billion it owes to pension funds and as those in the private sector who aren't in line for similar pensions balk at the prospect of higher taxes to fund others' retirements."  continued at the Daily Herald


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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