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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ill. rail chief dies in suicide by HIS OWN AGENCY's train

Normally one would feel some sorrow reading or hearing about the suicide of any person whether we know them or not, and of course a human being taking their own life is about sad as a life story can get. Especially for the loved one's they leave behind to usually clean up a brutal mess in all categories of the person's life.

However, committing suicide to avoid the troubles that one may have caused in their own life by nefarious or downright criminal behavior some might call a cowardly act. Especially to hang the death on one of his own rail conductors who most know are quite traumatized by deaths caused by their locomotives.

This from the Tribune...
As he walked onto the tracks, Pagano surely knew the pain this decision would cause. In his 26 years with Metra, he had met with dozens of devastated engineers after they unwilling participants in someone else's suicide attempt. He had allocated more than $1 million for safety programs to prevent situations like this.
Selfish &%&#$&#
Then again not many people have too much love lost for their bosses and would love to run them down with a train, in their dreams mostly.

You make the call.

CHICAGO (AP) -- The executive director of the Chicago area's Metra commuter train service died of an apparent suicide Friday after he stepped into the path of one of his agency's trains, authorities said.
Phil Pagano, 60, was on paid administrative leave at the time of his death after Metra began investigating allegations that he received an unapproved $56,000 bonus.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren said a train engineer put on the emergency brakes when he saw Pagano on the tracks about 50 miles northwest of Chicago Friday morning but was unable to stop. Pagano died instantly, he said.

"He stood on the tracks and he faced the train as the train was coming toward him," Nygren said.
Pagano's death came just hours before the Metra board of directors was scheduled to have an emergency meeting to discuss the investigation. Metra later canceled the meeting.

Two written notes were found, one in Pagano's pocket and one at his home, Nygren said.
"They're the type of note that would lead us to believe that this was an intentional act on the part of the deceased," Nygren said. "We have no reason to believe there's anything criminal involved in this."

Metra, a commuter train system that serves Chicago and its suburbs, announced on April 30 that Pagano was under investigation and that he had been placed on paid administrative leave from his $269,000-a-year job. Metra had hired an attorney to investigate allegations that the Metra executive director of 20 years had received an unauthorized $56,000 bonus. No further details were immediately available.


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  1. I just can't believe that someone who "cared" for his employees would do the deadly deed this way.
    To traumatize his own employees like this is unforgivable.  Can you imagine how they felt when they
    found out he was one of their own?  It is very sad for all the families and employees.  Very sad indeed.

  2. I'm sorry for his family but he's a coward, he couldn't go through what I've been through obviously...I just get pissed when I see people kill themselves after they make a criminal mess of their own lives and then leave all this shit for their family to deal with. Now his wife won't get pension or Life insurance, what a sad sack.

    I don't even have a family and if anyone has or had excuses to kill themselves it's been me judging by what I see others do it over. They must have led totally pampered lives if their killing themselves over jailtime they caused. 

    Happy Mother's Day Val and have a good one....


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