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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gargantuan BP-Obama Slick Aerial -4 pt Video / Lindsey Williams Tells The World The Truth

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This was emailed to me by friend, and blogger Margie which tells what's really going on out there in the middle of the Gulf, in that this "gusher" they've hit is simply un-pluggable, according to a fairly well known oil industry expert and Baptist Minister Lindsey Williams, who disclosed all this information on this radio show recently.

See more video at the other blog in the right sidebar "Featured Video Posts" from Fox news, 3 videos this morning which talk about the size of the ruptured well and it's about as ugly a picture as I sadly paint here, but as the saying goes, "the truth hurts".

He claims this has sprung an oil leak that modern technology can't handle and  this  information was never meant for public consumption, along with many of the intricacies of our lives many believe are being mapped out by a handful of elitists.

He also claims that this unbelievably high pressured  incursion deep in the earth's crust "gushing freely"  nearly a mile down simply cannot be capped.
If true, our coastal shorelines on the gulf will be ruined for at least a generation if not 2 or 3 if they don't come up with a miracle of an answer for this. To which some are saying "Nuking it"  is the only answer.... and soon, like NOW.

Yet if they go "nuking this thing", just imagine the unintended circumstances of that  little "this'll work" endeavor when one thinks about Obama being one of the supposed handful of men and women in the loop who are supposed to be the "smartest in the room" on this. That my friends is as fucking frightening as the "gusher" itself.

Parts Two      Three      and Four (all open in new tabs-windows)

 The saddest thing of all is that we don't even need that oil in the first place, (peak oil is a scam) and Donald Trump has been saying this for years now, that there's so much extra crude oil they can't even dock the ships as they float on the waters of the oceans filled to the brim with crude.

There is no peak oil and it's all a scam to dick us out of half our paychecks every week for energy costs that should be non existent. Alex Jones on the peak oil scam which I believe him on, not on 911, but peak oil and the coming police state he's right on the mark if you were to ask this American.

We don't even consume the most crude anymore, as the EnvironMentals lie their tails off about this along with every other component of their whack agenda, and it's costing us all up the ying yang in blood and treasure all over the Arabic world that could be neutered entirely by abandoning drilling moratoriums in the US which are being used to control our lives. 

Oil consumption in daily barrels per region fr...

If it wasn't for the American congress's reluctance to drill we could extract this oil far more safely all over our truly oil rich land from Alaska to Florida which is being gobbled up by the Government at rates unseen as mentioned by Glenn Beck not too long ago.

Once we figure that out it goes a long way to seeing this all come complete circle.

This is the Deepwater flyover mentioned in the top video part one which shows all the slick damage being done by this Gusher.

That is if you wish to see what it is that the media's trying to cover Obama on, but  they simply cannot contain the mess, just like they cannot contain the MASSIVE spill which Williams estimates is escaping into the Gulf at the rate of a million barrels a week..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Thanks Ray for the coverage on this catastrophe of monumental proportions.  I was watching a scientific video today about the METHANE GAS that is escaping from this gaping whole in the ocean floor and the things this poison could cause to marine life and us.  Not only that, but the damage to the ocean floor in the gulf, possibly causing a slide; which in turn could cause earthquakes and a tsunami.  The government keeps calling this an oil spill.  That isn't the half of this.  And they are not saying anything about the blow out in the ocean floor, a growing hole with this gusher.  As usual they are minimizing the damage.  >:o

  2. This thing to me from what I gather should be simple to plug, I can't understand why they're having so much trouble and furthermore why they don't burn it off as it emerges like you see intiitally when it happened, although then the black smoke I guess would piss off the Environmentals even more. they'll be bitching about this for the next 100 years and we'll all be paying through the backside for oil and gas because drilling will become harder to do then get a liberal to listen to common sense, and we all know how freaking impossible that can be.  ;)   Thanks for the tip on that story Margie....


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