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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Four Suburban Officials Busted in Corruption Probe "Operation Cookie Jar" ( plus the slideshow of scum)

Today these four fat wallet-ed politico's here were busted in an operation (get this now) called "Operation Cookie Jar". It's like they do these 'made for the blogs and TV" roundups to show they're doing something about the corruption yet they're like the equivalent of the Fox guarding AND living in the henhouse.

The people ordering these things are about as crooked as the people they're being ordered on and against. In fact for all we really know they could all just be people that fall on the mayor's bad side and he sets 'em up and knocks 'em down before they get to him. 

Just a little theory I have here watching this criminal enterprise operate here over the past couple decades.

Operation Cookie Jar... gimme a break...it's about as 'cute' as my little headline for their pic presentation....

The "Slideshow of Scum" ladies and gentlemen. (my captions in italics..)

Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.)
CREW says: "His ethics issues stem from the circumstances surrounding his appointment to the Senate by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of then President-elect Barack Obama.
Damn! Can't they be leavin' a brutha' alone?? Dang!! 
I hardly took nuttin' compared to them damn honky men....Thanks Barack....

I gots a hundo on da Bulls, you wants a piece of dat action yo?
How bout 2 rocks and a brew too!! Yo dog!
Triple J also knows as Jesse Jackson Junior......Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.)
CREW says: "His ethics issue stems from his bid to be appointed to a vacant Illinois Senate seat and subsequently, the federal investigation of former-Governor Rod Blagojevich."
Four Suburban Officials Busted in Corruption Probe | NBC Chicago

A group of suburban public servants were arrested Tuesday in a corruption probe looking allegations they profited from their positions.

At least one of the men busted in “Operation Cookie Jar,” a former treasurer for a suburban park district, set up a company in which he made payments to himself.

"The problem of corruption imposes a hidden cost on the hard working taxpayer of this county," said Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez in announcing the arrests.

The four men arrested on charges of theft of government property or official misconduct include  Read more here 


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