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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dont'cha Love Unintended Consequences? Arizona Boycotts Could Hit Hispanic Hospitality Workers

The raft of boycotts being imposed on Arizona over its immigration law could up end hitting Hispanic workers as hard as anyone.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! SUCKERS...That's what they get for listening to Rev AL and liberals who are using their dumb asses and they don't even know it because most no comprende the Rev's Ebonics much less English.

Hispanics make up a huge chunk of the state's hospitality and service sector workforce -- and with city governments and organizations pulling the plug on travel and conventions in Arizona, state officials point out that Hispanic workers stand to lose.

They say it makes little sense for officials protesting the Arizona law out of concern that it would subject Hispanic immigrants to racial profiling to register their dismay by targeting the tourism industry.

"These boycotts could be hurting the very same people that they profess to be helping," said Garrick Taylor, spokesman for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The worst-case-scenario estimates for the financial impact of lost convention business alone are staggering. Phoenix officials say their city could lose up to $90 million in the next five years over the protests. The figure represents not just lost convention and hotel fees but other money tourists would otherwise spend in the city.

Wake me when the firings start and they start singing "we shall overcome" in Broken English and Spanish all over town.

This story has me laughing this morning as the short sighted liberals strike a chord of idiocy yet again, since they didn't bother to stop and think most of the people staffing hotels, motels, restaurant back kitchens, garbage people and so on are the "people who do the jobs Americans won't do because the illegals took them all".

The people who will also be the first ones layed off and fired when the boycotts leave hotels and convention centers empty if these people can even follow through, since they usually cant spit straight if Uncle Obama doesn't tell them how and when to do it.

Look at this picture and tell me Reverend Al and Jesse's sign makers haven't "signed up" all these Illegal aliens who somehow think they have rights around here.

Kiss my 100% legal American Italian ass you whiny &*%*^%*)^_ criminals.

The way I look at this is that it's as if someone breaking into your house stops to eat and gets food poisoning from the month old turkey in the fridge turns around and sues you for getting sick while raping your 12 year old daughter after they had the turkey sandwich NO?


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. <span>Of course these clowns never think anything thru! </span>
    <span>They just want freebees and handouts and to take OUR JOBS.
    I'm laughing right with you, Ray. 
    Have a fun weekend


  2. Snarky BasterdSunday, May 23, 2010

    That's poetic justice right there, my friend.

  3. Absolutely. I myself am thinking of moving there like millions who hate Illegals with a passion. It'll be a southest American desert paradise once again.

  4. I can't wait for the complete blowback on this Margie..thanks :)

  5. Missed this :( oops ..Weekend was OK and hope yours was too Bunni ;)


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