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Friday, May 7, 2010

Alex Jones The Republic is Falling...Must SEE Youtube

This man I used to think was pretty much of a nut for the most part (under the post I explain why I think that), meanwhile, he's dead on target with these views as Europe is falling for real and they're where we'll be if we don't exit the "Obama Highway to Hell" This Minute or soon hereafter.. (HT Margie at Proclaiming the truth)

to continue my comment from above...I cannot reconcile the September 11 views he holds, as I like many knew people, my bro was there the very day before in fact on financial company business, and I just know people in that field including and through him that would know that stuff it it were all a massive conspiracy and wouldn't have allowed it to happen. Too many people would have to be silenced...so anyhow that debate is over with me. 

Our government is too fucked up to keep something like that quiet and to even pull it off. The military could but wouldn't, the politicians would but couldn't and those two don't like each others enough to conspire together to kill American people in some false flag operation like that. 

Sorry that's my opinion and no one but GOD can change it.  

Now, since Obama's been inserted into the equation  things have changed dramatically and the government has become our enemy,  as  things have never been more dangerous for regular Joe run of the mill American people ever than this moment in our lifetimes, and I'm born in the 64 class of babies and we've seen quite a bit of shit along the way as did our forefathers and mothers and they were the last of the best.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Thanks Ray for recognizing Proclaiming in this article.  I just read this morning that we the TAXPAYER are going to pay for a bailout for Greece. 
    This ought to make your blood boil. The U.S. Taxpayers fund $6.8 Billion of Greek Bailout. As if we are not paying enough bailouts to the banks here in the U.S.


    A WORD FROM JIM DE MINT on this bailout!


  2. This is great because it's all true, I just wish he wasn't on that 911 thing because it's a no winner, the country can only benifit from the removal of all radical Muslims from the country and until the moderates distinguish themselves from the scum of their religion they'll sadly have to suffer by being deported.

    That would get the real moderates to rat on the BadMuslims and we can wash our hands of them and keep the good and peaceful ones if there even are any. My belief is all Muslim men have their eyes on America as the ultimate prize for Islam and the peaceful ones are just financing the Jihadders and they weave their tentacles into the government and now out of complete surprise they have a Muslim agent sitting right in the damn oval office.


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