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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Top Notre Dame recruit dies in drunken Spring Break Hotel Balcony fall

UPDATE Sat 9 pm cdt. 

Turns out the man was indeed drunk and belligerent when the "accident" occurred just as I predicted in the post in it's entirely following the blurb inserted later below

Police: Notre Dame recruit 'drunk' on fatal fall: "CINCINNATI (AP) - A 'drunk and belligerent' 17-year-old Notre Dame football recruit was killed in a fall from a fifth-floor hotel balcony during his senior-year spring break in Florida, authorities said Saturday.

Matt James died Friday around 6:30 p.m. at the Days Inn Motel in Panama City Beach. Police said he was dead when officers arrived.

'It appears to be a tragic accident,' Panama City Beach police Maj. David Humphreys said."  more at My Way News -

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How many times have all you out there read these kinds of sad stories from "spring break", where kids including myself at one time "get out of town for the first time as young adults in order to get drunk, act stupid and ignorant" for the most part. 
Something which has developed into some misguided "right of passage" for American kids where peer pressure forces parents to send kids on these trips, which does nothing more than put money in the hands of third world locals like that snotty assed island local Joran Vander Sloot and his forlorn Aruban buddies. 
The boys who killed and dumped Natalie Holloway in the ocean, along with enriching Caribbean and  Mexican governments with more dollars they don't deserve. Especially 'Mehico' as the locals call it, who screws America by the minute by not closing it's side of the deadly, God forsaken porous southern border.

A yearly ritual which really needs to be re evaluated by all American parents in this day and age as every single year we hear this stuff, every year like clockwork some student goes missing or ends up dead. Guaranteed, as parents all sweat at home hoping it's not their kid who's the unlucky one.

It, like most young and dumb Americans seeking their next inebriated thrill, has gotten out of control.

Especially when year after year some kid with a promising life gets drunk for the first time and also for the last time, like this kid who was about to embark on a likely life as a star NFL football player with a college degree from Notre Dame. A guarantee of success in American life that very few are even given the chance to achieve.

But now he's dead after inexplicably playing Superman on his hotel balcony in Panama City where I once went for spring break myself and ended up in jail with 10 buddies from a barroom brawl. Swell time had by all. not. My poor late mother ended up wiring down a thousand dollars for the bunch of us to bail out of jail I'll never forget and always regret.
chicagotribune.com: "On Friday night, Matt James' family gathered in Ohio to celebrate an uncle's 50th birthday party. The revelry came to an incomprehensibly tragic end with news delivered by one phone call.

James, a hulking offensive lineman and Notre Dame's top recruit, died in a fall from a hotel balcony in Panama City, Fla., while on a spring break trip with dozens of classmates from Cincinnati's St. Xavier High School.

Panama City Beach police told the Tribune were not releasing any information late Friday night, but television station WHJG cited police as saying a teenager fell over the balcony railing of his motel room at 6:26 p.m. Friday and apparently died instantly.

Dan Rudolph, the father of current Irish tight end Kyle Rudolph, was at the James family gathering when the news came.

'His mom and dad were here when they got the call,' Dan Rudolph told the Tribune late Friday night. 'The whole James family was here. I can't believe that happened.'

The utter disbelief was understandable and pervasive, as a Facebook page titled 'R.I.P. Matt James' already was posted Friday night. James was a 6-foot-6, 291-pounder just one week shy of his 18th birthday, and he was new Irish coach Brian Kelly's first impact recruit, ranked the nation's No. 86 prospect overall by Rivals.com.

Reached late Friday night by the Tribune, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said the school was still in the process of gathering information and therefore likely would have no official statement until Saturday at the earliest."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Bloviating ZeppelinSaturday, April 03, 2010

    On the other hand, American guilt-ridden parents have TAUGHT their children that whatever they want they "deserve," that there are few consequences for being stupid, that when in jeopardy one can always be rescued, that when faced with potential dangerous circumstance you can hit RESET and simply get ANOTHER "life."

    Parents want to be their kids' FRIENDS instead of being their PARENTS.


  2. You're exactly right sir, that's it in a nutshell. 95 % of the crap going on today wouldn't even be happening if these households had a man in them who wasn't attached to a crack pipe and a Colt 45 40 oz then the world wouldn't be half as flucked as it is....!!!! >:o >:o >:o


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