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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Study: Small soda taxes don't dent obesity | Maybe Parenting Would Help? DOH

Commissioning studies so they can figure out what punitive measures they can use in the New and Improved Nanny State America to first tax and tax again to try and  keep students for turning into fat asses even before adulthood, and because why? 

How about parents don't control what poison their kids put in their bodies each day because they're too lazy and stupid to bring them up eating the right foods, blaming it on anything and everything but themselves.

Be it long working hours amongst a litany of other bullshit parents have dealt with for thousands of years. Thousands of years without 10000th of the conveniences of the modern era. 

Yet the more advanced society becomes the more ignorant we become. 

How the hell is that even possible?

Think the caveman complained when he had to leave the cave for a week to go hunt for food about their long workdays and how tough it must have been to find a cave sitter when everyone was walking around half upright with a vocabulary of "Oonga Boonga? I don't think so.

Here's an epiphany to help these so called parents keep their kids from becoming fat slugs like many of  themselves, stop feeding them Big Macs and Chocolate Shakes all day and night living in front of the TV, and they just might stand a chance,  instead of looking like this and being Ill and disabled all their lives.  

 Not to mention all the money saved when a family eats decent foods. It's expensive killing yourself with McDonald's and Burger king for a family of 5 or 6 little monster tubs like pictured above.

What Lazy asses, and with obese and unhealthy adults in the house setting a bad example you can't blame the children.
My Way News - Study:  "ATLANTA (AP) - Small taxes on soda do little to reduce soft drink consumption or prevent childhood obesity, but larger levies probably would, according to new research.

The study is being released as a recent wave of proposals would raise soda taxes or create new ones on sugared beverages. But they'll have to be a lot steeper than current taxes, which are generally 4 percent or less, said Roland Sturm, lead author of the new research.

'Small taxes will not prevent obesity,' said Sturm, a senior economist at the Rand Corp. in Santa Monica, Calif.

Sturm and his colleagues used information from a 2004 national survey of about 7,300 fifth-graders. The researchers looked at how the children's height and weight had changed over the previous two years and how often the kids said they drank soda and sports drinks. The researchers also reviewed taxes on carbonated drinks that were in effect in 2004.

Roughly two-thirds of the children lived in states that had a tax on soda greater than on other food items. The highest was 7 cents tax on each dollar's worth of soda. The average was about 4 cents.

They found the taxes made no real difference on overall soda consumption or on obesity for kids overall. They did have a small effect on certain children - especially those from families with an annual income of $25,000 or less. Those kids - who drank about seven cans of soda a week, on average - drank one less can because of the taxes, Sturm said.

However, if the taxes were more like 18 cents on the dollar, Sturm calculated it would make a significant difference."

How about if their fat assed and lazy parents or more likely PARENT just didn't buy the shit for them?


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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