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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tiger The "Man Tramp" had 120 affairs, including diddling the near teen neighbor.

 Just like another liberal, as the layers of the onion of truth get peeled, we see what a real life scum this man really became.  I say "became" because I do believe he wasn't always like this, money obviously corrupted him just like most of the celebrity culture which now extends to government thanks to cable news, who go there before they've ever even earned a real honest living, just like athletes who are pampered most of their lives even while "working". 

We did what they do for a living as kids for fun, meaning we weren't quite good enough for the pro's and grew up.

I will say many musicians, actors and actresses suffer years and years eating Mac and Cheese working at their craft before fame comes, if ever, but when the millions come so goes the morality, because you then can "buy" people, and this is what you do with them. Use them when you need them.

In this pic this morning Tiger's thinking about where the Tiger paws will play tonight....

 APTiger Woods waits to putt on the 12th hole during the first round of the
Quail Hollow Championship golf tournament at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C., today. 

There must be a lot a nice local "tang" there for the "Tiger" and his tank or he'd be skipping this one for the "rent a whore's" this weekend like he did the week after the Masters..lol.

NYPOST.com: "Tiger Woods confessed to cheating with as many as 120 women behind his wife's back during their five-year marriage, the National Enquirer reported Thursday.

But a one-night stand with the 21-year-old daughter of a neighbor in Florida was the final straw for Elin Nordegren, the U.S. magazine quoted sources as saying.

The Enquirer claimed the distraught mother-of-two decided to sign divorce papers after learning it was investigating Woods' alleged fling with Raychel Coudriet, whom he had reportedly known since she was just 14.

The scandal-plagued golfer was said to have listed all the women he bedded as part of his treatment for sex addiction at the Gentle Path rehab center in Mississippi earlier this year.

But a source told the magazine that Woods left his young neighbor off the list.

After learning of the claim, a furious Nordegren, 30, allegedly called Woods while he was having dinner with friends following his golf comeback at the U.S. masters.

'She was screaming so loudly that everyone at the table could hear what she was saying,' a source told the magazine.

Woods' estranged wife was quoted as saying: 'This is the worst betrayal ever. I can't believe you had sex with that girl in our own neighborhood. That's it -- I'm divorcing you.'

The Enquirer claimed the seduction happened last May just yards from where his wife was caring for their newborn baby."


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  1. A 21 year old he had known since she was 14?  That's creepy.  At leaste he waited...

  2. The world thinks he waited... preemptive strike to throw the media off the real trail.


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