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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tiger Hanging In There After 3rd Round Play, He's Back, Mickelson Leading 12 Under @ 5 pm cdt

I wrote this before after the rounds when I saw what he did on the third hole you saw in the video a few posts above,  and I didn't start watching until the back nine..he burned me too with his jump right back into his old self. That rehab really worked wonders huh?

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 Looks like getting clubbed from all directions for four straight months on 7 continents hasn't ruined Tiger's Golf game or made him "club shy" from the swinging of clubs from others, something experts in 'getting your tail whipped by your wife' were predicting ...just kidding, I don't know, maybe they actually were ...

This afternoon I and the rest of the world, come on admit it,  caught a couple minutes of the Woods Comeback Game AKA the Masters hoping for a train wreck with some skank running across 18 naked tryin' out for tiger's den, but instead they actually saw him play some golf.

And he obliged leaving himself  right in striking range in the mix, and has been well accepted around the course by fans, but what can you expect at this thing.

5 pm sat

This "ain't the Western Open" right down the road here every summer, where jerks like me are actually allowed in the place to play and watch tournaments, who are the one's that are gonna hassle him, even in fun... unlike Augusta where there's more bodyguards than the Messiah totes around Secret Service, although there are some snooty assed places here as well where the celebs play, like Rolling Green Country Club down the street as well and many on the North Shore for the ultra rich.

Back to the tournament, Phil Mickelson has come from down to have a great afternoon now sitting in the lead, and looks like he's not about to let his old buddy Woods steal any more of the show than he has, at least Not today, Tiger... but he's playing pretty good considering he got his ass whipped by a mad crazed wife with a golf club only 4 months ago.

Long way though from looking like this on Thanksgiving day after his "Swedish Ass Whoopin' " ..lol (photoshop from the day it happened I made then some will remember.)

Link to the Masters where you can watch it live online and other stuff....


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