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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senators React to Charlie Crist Political Suicide (youtube)

 First Senator Sen. DeMint on Crist's party and Rubio's being against the Arizona law, which I already didn't like about Rubio and of course the liberals love that stuff and here it's in the New York Times.Don't get me wrong, I'd vote for him and think Crist is beyond brutal, I just disagree on some of his pro leaning towards the illegal boo hoo camp just a little.

(Marco, leave filling those pages to Meghan McCain or however the ---- she spells it).

April 29, 2010 Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:22:11 GMT4:04 PM EST

Now you can listen to the Florida political swamp reacting to the party gymnastics of flipflopping Charlie Crist and the sucking sound as he peels off the " 'D' or nothing " vote with this selfish move,  and anyone who votes for this man is nothing more than an ideologue as he bails from a political race because he's losing?

Liberals say "he has too much integrity for the GOP".

If I sent him money I'd be suing his ass. Here's Marc Rubio himself....

This is such a blatant "ME ME ME" move that one usually sees from the left but some republicans as well who do that stuff all the time in the middle of the game, change the rules to suit them so they can continue to rape the American landscape, not people of character anyways.   Benedict Arlen anyone.

That's why they hate competition in a free choice marketplace where there's a defined winner and loser  and because why?

I don't know, because they're losers perhaps? Don't know.

However, the easy answer to all this is thus: "Why else do people spend millions to get and keep jobs that pay what the janitor for the New York Yankees makes?"

Any answer but corruption would be wrong don't ya think? 

The public service thing doesn't fly for a lifetime of employment on the public dole building a Zimbabwe sized fortune..

YouTube - Senators React to Charlie Crist Departure: "Senators React to Charlie Crist Departure"


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  1. I lived in Florida for many years and witnessed the rise of Charlie Crist and knew him to be left of center in his thinking. This was the last gasp of a drowning man. His money will dry up and he is on his last leg.

  2. My Dad's down that way in Bonita Bay and I know more about Crist than I care too, I'm actually surprised hasn't called himself Christ yet.   ;)


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