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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton and Obama 'Sets the Stage for Violence, Blood On Their Hands" | Here! Here!! to that one....

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is back I guess and this time they're armed and dangerous says Slick.

As if this rancorous debate wasn't heated enough with the left fanning the flames with lies hoping some right wing nut will go over the edge so they can strap it around the necks of Tea Party activists, just  like Robert Byrd and his friends did back in the day strapping ropes around the necks of innocent African Americans as Grand Kleagle of the KKK, and now somehow they let him represent them as a senator for decades now for his efforts.  How stupid?

And now we have none other than the man with no moral compass, the rapist in chief, Slick Dick Willie himself has to chime in on imaginary tea party created violence that doesn't exist nor hasn't yet happened and won't unless they instigate it which they've already admitted they'll try to do, like the asshole you'll see about 6 or 7 posts down from this one who was exposed this past week hiding in his parents basement, a teacher of all things. 

Although those same people have nothing to say when "Obama the Halfrican street man" once chimed in "when you bring a knife to a fight we bring a gun", something a politician with his head up his back side could only think of saying, especially one running for president and yet despite an endless stream of ignorance like visiting "57 states and one more tomorrow" they seem to let fly right on by. 

That's why Obama can't, doesn't and isn't allowed to even speak in public without his teleprompter. In fact he probably sleeps with that thing more than Michelle, as it sure takes up less space in the bed than she and all his communist - Marxist reading does! That's a plus I guess.
Here's the RUSH  audio clip from Limbaugh's show yesterday on this subject of which they slipped in that tiny little fraction and you can hear for yourself what he said in it's entirety, a good 15 minute clip in this case, instead of the usual misleading, out of context sound bites..

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Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Has 'Set the Stage for Violence'

Do right-wingers fuel domestic terror? Or is conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh right -- that former President Clinton and President Obama soon could have blood on their hands?
You're damn right he's right, and that's why at least this reporter is smart enough to go on the record on the side of fact regarding this issue bringing the big gun to counter Slick's bull.
Former president says heated words of right wingers could foster violence.
Saying "right-wing, radio talk-show hosts" kept people in "white heat" nearly 15 years ago before the deadly Oklahoma City bombing, Clinton today warned against similar anger in the age of Obama.
But Limbaugh said Clinton and the Obama "regime" are the ones that have "set the stage for violence."
"Bill Clinton ... just gave the kooks out there an excuse to be violent," Limbaugh told radio listeners today. "He just offered them an opportunity to be violent."
Clinton has drawn parallels between the anti-government tone that preceded Tim McVeigh&apos;s bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building April 19, 1995, which killed 168 people, and the political rancor that greeted President Obama&apos;s administration.
Speaking to the liberal Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., today, Clinton urged political and media leaders to remember that "words matter" and that they fall on the "serious and the delirious and the connected and the unhinged alike."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. It's just the same crap over and over with these people.  And I think you're right, they are secretly hoping for an outburst of violence.  I hate to say it, but what else can we conclude?  Especially in light of Pelosi and her buddies walking through that tea party crowd?

  2. I don't understand how the left doesn't understand their "leaders" hate them as much as us unless they need their money at election time; there's never been a more dangerous populace in the free world since this place is where it started and now where it may end if we get these people on our side.

  3. I use that WhoopDi Doo all the time from watching Archie Bunker, and I do pray that intelligence wins out and people have once and for all been shown that the liberals are only interested in what you said and that's the full nanny state agenda implemented by taxing the rich to feed the poor will leave the poor wanting more.

    "Need to teach them how to fish" is like the oldest saying there is... yet the arrogant liberals think when they're in charge the impossible will be achieved when the fact of the matter is that just take the ideas of conservatives and re package them to their dumb a&&ed followers who've never heard these ideas because the MSM won't show them to them and they won't listen to the real news because it affirms how stupid they are to be buying what Obama Inc is selling !!


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