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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obama calls nuke terrorism the top threat to US

He calls this "our top threat" and then goes out and makes deals for us just as our deterrent arsenal is likely needed more than ever. 

 What morons we have in that city running this place.Ya know?

They don't know whether they're coming or going half the time. Look at all the wishy washiness pertaining to the KSM trial alone. This is a group that makes decisions and worries about the ramifications after throwing up the trial balloons and getting the public temperature on the blogs and forums.

That's how this group is governing, which is something they used to call "by committee". And that's no compliment.

Just look at this headline from the damn day before, Monday from BareNaked Islam:

“We won't use nukes, not even in self defense”

or mine here from a post I did on the subject Monday (will it be the U.S. who looks like this or the middle east? Obama says it'll be us! Nice)

Obama, Russia wrap up new nuke deal - America Weakened Even More Today

So one day he's handing away our weaponry, and to that I said "as Muslims discover nuclear fission Obama decides as they ramp up nuclear production, we'll destroy our arsenal just when it's needed the most".

That makes about as much sense as it does to elect a "no business experience" Constitutional shredding college lecturer and self proclaimed professor,  who's main working experience  in the so called "real world" outside of politics basically consisted of a position called "community organizing" as president of the US.

Particularly over a life time public servant and certified, genuine war hero as president of the country during it's most tumultuous times in modern memory.

So today the "Closet Commie Chameleon Obama says this....!

What the hell buddy? So if it's the top threat we face why the hell was our top defense for that threat just taken off the freaking table essentially the day before? Is this man under meds for schizophrenic behavior? If not perhaps he should consider a Obamacare Checkup in 2014 when all this vaunted "free" healthcare takes hold....lol

My Way News: "WASHINGTON (AP) - Rewriting America's nuclear strategy, the White House on Tuesday announced a fundamental shift that calls the spread of atomic weapons to rogue states or terrorists a worse threat than the nuclear Armageddon feared during the Cold War.

The Obama administration is suddenly moving on multiple fronts with a goal of limiting the threat of a catastrophic international conflict, although it's not yet clear how far and how fast the rest of the world is ready to follow.

In releasing the results of an in-depth nuclear strategy review, President Barack Obama said his administration would narrow the circumstances in which the U.S. might launch a nuclear strike, that it would forgo the development of new nuclear warheads and would seek even deeper reductions in American and Russian arsenals.

His defense secretary, Robert Gates, said the focus would now be on terror groups such as al-Qaida as well as North Korea's nuclear buildup and Iran's nuclear ambitions."  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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