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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Liberal Loon and Muslim Jew Hatred Climbs Under Obama's "Muslim Born" Rule | Hate Comments

 I'm not Jewish but am a proud supporter of Israel and with neighbors like theirs it's easy to pick which side to defend when the opportunuties arise and that's why for years I've featured the little "web button I made" that you can see on other blogs all across the internet....

All one needs to do is visit any Jewish author's web offerings to see the rabid anti semitism which has taken afoot in the liberal community and I can peg it to that community when the comments contain pro Obama hyperbole along with the obligatory Jew hatred.

I've seen them all over the net and Fox columnist Michael Goodwin, a Jew, shares a few of these liberally fired off beauties this morning in this column I've excerpted below which is a great read in it's entirety when you get the chance, like now perhaps? Lol 

Poison Pens Point to Anti-Israel Hate:

"The first e-mail comes from a frequent writer, typos and all.

'U try to make 'our' president a pro muslim, when your 'Jewish' nation is the cause of most of our problems. Your PM is nothing more than a terrorist, but u defend him. I told u before, when u were in Israel, stay there.' -- Bob De John

The second writer also has grammar and spelling problems and a bellyful of hate. 'You and the rest of that jew political group continually licking honey off your nasty tongues, are much more loyal to the country of israel than you are to The United States of America. That is only one reason why most Americans do not like the jew people.' -- Joey Dluzak

Here is another voice of darkness. 'I so enjoy your rant on Islam and the President. It shows your ignorance and exemplify your dumbfounded fears . . . Cant wait for you to die from old age, maybe cancer, or something worse, like Alzheimer.' -- Omar Khalil

The three letters came to me in response to different columns, but the writers share two distinct views. They support President Obama's hard-line policy toward Israel, and they are anti-Semites."  continued 


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. Thank you and we're headed down a crazy road here and I can't believe how we even go forward in this country with the hate that Obama has brought into the White house our house and many are getting sucked right into it.


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