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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hollywood Stars Who Owe Uncle Sam Big Bucks in Back Taxes

FOXNews.com  "Take heart, America. Even celebrities pay taxes on April 15.

Well, sometimes.

Nicolas Cage’s bookkeeping got a bit muddled, and now he has to shell out $13.3 million to the federal government.

Joe Francis, founder of “Girls Gone Wild,” forgot, too. His tab? $29.4 million -- or roughly 5 million margaritas.

Sinbad the Comedian? A very unfunny $8.15 million, which doesn't even include interest and legal fees.

Other celebs who owe the taxman big bucks are Pamela Anderson ($1.7 million), the rapper Nas ($3.4 million), singer Dionne Warwick ($2.2 million) and actor Terrence Howard ($1.1 million). (Click here to see some of the celebs on the IRS’ hit list)

And as debt varies from celebrity to celebrity, so do their reasons for not paying up." continued

When is Uncle Sambo going to start collecting this dough is what I wanna know.

I've owed these people at the IRS before, back in my musician liberal 20's about 20 g's and they didn't wait no 10 years to get paid  from me!  Furthermore, as you can see, I didn't owe them millions upon millions upon millions of dollars as these people do.

Collect that money and national debt actually goes down with the checks they should be writing..

And by the way,  who else across America are blowing off paying taxes today aside from Hollywood and Obama's cabinet?  You know who, millions of illegal aliens who say this to America every minute of every day and especially on freakin April 15, liberal liberation day

 Trillions of dollars in tax free money POURING over the southern border practically keeping Mexico solvent while the government and their elites live it up on the backs of their people, who then come here and steal our jobs and wealth. 

And the real irony is that most of these dipwads freaking voted for Obama legal or otherwise,   who absolutely loves to tax the hell out of everyone else, but they get away with not paying JACK.

Up in New York there are more than $13 billion in uncollected New York state and city taxes, according to government officials, including the people and companies listed here, which had warrants filed against them between Oct. 1, 2007 Here's what celebrities up in New York City


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