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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blackhawks Drop Game Three To Predators 4-1

Through the first period it looked as though the game was going to be a tight one as the score was tied at one a piece.

However that all came apart in the second and third periods,  topped off with a penalty shot goal  by Nashville with a couple minutes remaining levied from a disrupted Predator breakaway, which solidified the loss dropping the Blackhawks down 2-1 in the series, which resumes Thursday night. more here

Funny thing the Hawks have going during the playoffs is this "grow one for the team" beard growing contest for Charity which is the first time I can recall such a promotion going on with the team but whatever it takes to get the fans fired up which isn't too hard at the United Center but they're stuck on the road now.Read more about it here if you wish.


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  1. Okay, you know I no nothing about sports, but my 15 year old "nephew," living in Colorado - entering high school next year, got a call from "the" or "a" Atlanta Falcon coach. This young man is apparently very, very good on the football field and in track. Can you imagine: not yet in high school and you get a call - at school - with your track coach standing by your side =-O I'm sure that is one excited household.

  2. Love your Obama quote and the two at the top: OJ and the cheating pol.

  3. That's great, actually my little brother was a great high school 3 sport athlete and was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies senior year and then hurt his arm and played college football at Cornell University and then pro in the WAFL which is now defunct over in Europe for 2 seasons so it was pretty exciting for him, he's one of those perfect people , his nickname was "golden boy" and mine was "Fido" as in short for Felitto with an attitude..lol even then I was pissed off! lol


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