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Sunday, April 4, 2010

"The Big One" Alert - Earthquake recorded in Northern California

They upgraded this from a 4.0 as you see in the article below, up to a 7.2... The big one could be coming sooner than later on that side of the country with all the seismic activity we've been seeing lately. And that's not my assessment, that's coming from the experts.

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Baja California, Mexico shook buildings as far north as downtown Los Angeles and parts of Arizona forcing people outside their homes. continued

Again this below was the "original report",  and it was a much smaller magnitude of 4, which is the lower limit of actual detection,   and  much smaller than the upgraded 7 plus. Got this little list from hotair.com which is linked at the bottom....

Video from the AssociatedPress April 04, 2010A strong earthquake south of the U.S.-Mexico border Sunday shook high-rises in downtown Los Angeles and San Diego and was felt across Southern California and Arizona. (April 4)

FOXNews.com -SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.0 has been recorded in Northern California.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit at 3:49 p.m. Sunday about 25 miles north of Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is about 50 miles north of San Francisco.

The area frequently experiences small earthquakes, and there was no indication the earthquake was an aftershock from the larger quake that struck in Baja California, Mexico, on Sunday afternoon.

A dispatcher with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department in Santa Rosa said he didn't feel the quake and that the department had not received any calls for service after the quake."


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  1. maggiesnotebookSunday, April 04, 2010

    I have family and friends living in L.A. Scares me. To think of what can happen is daunting.

    Ray, wanted to say I sent you Easter blessing from my heart, even though I didn't get here to say it until the day is almost over. I hope your day was beautiful.

  2. I know you be thinking of me and likewise. I was actually swear to the Lord above just filling out a comment on this husband who we all know killed his wife I'm sure I didn't say that on your blog though...

    Hope you had a great Easter Weekend and back to the Obama grind we go....   Happy Easter Maggie :)


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