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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woman's Car ends up sideways being pushed by 18 Wheeler Wheeling at Highway Speed

I'm sorry all you ladies out there, but I've never seen anything like this in my life as I'm sure you haven't either. So, frankly it's only fitting a "woman driver" was the "victim" the first time. we've ever seen it. Firstly, thank goodness she and others didn't end up dead and we can joke about it now. 

And yes indeed,  there are just as many moronic men drivers out there as well, it's most definately an equal opportunity problem on our roads.

This little video below reminds me of the scene in "Christmas Vacation" where Clark the idiot merges underneath the tractor trailer trying to pass 2 shotgun wielding rednecks hassling him down the highway, remember?

btw...No matter man or woman, this is a lesson to be learned by everyone as we all encounter this daily if you drive, and that is " don't merge in front of Tractor Trailers doing 70 miles an hour unless you're moving as fast as they are".  

In other words, the whole idea of "merging" is to gain enough speed on the ramp to seamlessly glide into the traffic at a similar speed.  Now that doesn't take into account the "assholes" out there, and there's no shortage, who refuse to let people merge in for no reason whatsoever, who then cause the entire process to be harder  and more dangerous than it already is.

And for those people, I have a special greeting, I cut right in front of their ass whether they like it or not,  and then,  for an encore I jam my brakes on 'em when they ride up on my ass to send them another freakin' message.

And you pricks know who you are, so if you're in Chicago and that happened to you in past 20 years by a man in a white '76 Corvette Stingray or this Chrysler convertible, it was ME who did it.. Get the message did you? lol. If not it was "Next time let the people merge in, and the traffic moves effortlessly, you prickwad".


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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