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Friday, March 12, 2010

Update: Women Drunk When Bear Bit Off Fingers at Zoo Just Like We Said They Would Be

I blogged about this dumb maneuver the other day and here's what I said about the women who had her fingers bitten off at the Zoo, when it took me 2 seconds to know they had to be trashed. Sober people don't do such stupid shit.

First, here's what I said the other day...

Dumb as dirt America is becoming. Wanna bet the offender "speak a no English"?

Not to mention she and her dumb assed boyfriend were probably stoned or drunk as skunks.I guarantee it.

Yet they'll probably sue the zoo and get rich, just like  those  2 Muslims who teased the tiger at the San Fran Freako Zoo at Christmastime a few years back, right up until the tiger vaulted the 8 foot fence and killed the stoned idiot, remember those 2 nimrods?

Serves them all right as far as I'm concerned, we can't legislate common sense and we shouldn't keep trying. Darwin's law eventually takes care of all that on it's own eventually.

The fence was always good enough, right  up until that drunk idiot came along, and then it's the Zoo's fault. So look for a repeat of that scene almost certainly, once a WI lawyer reads this story, and gives them a call on Monday to hit the "Lawsuit Lotto".

Well here's the proof they were drunk and therefore deserve what occurred ..

Not as dumb as I look ;>)

Breitbart.tv » Update: Women Drunk When Bear Bit Off Fingers at Zoo


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