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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Suit Filed Against Taser Manufacturer For Short Term Taz-ee Memory Loss! / You be the judge

What are cops gonna use next, feather dusters? Maybe now that they have camera's on their cars and some on their heads, they should give the assailant a multiple choice so the liberals at the ACLU are happy.

Ya know? A is the Billy Club, B is the Tazer, C is the old 9 MM, and D is an old fashioned Rodney King ass whooping by half the force...How's that sound?

Better yet, don't be an asshole and you won't ever meet a cop, much less get tasered by one.

As far as this story below goes, this is a hard thing to prove as far as I'm concerned, and I've had serious Brain surgery in 1987, so I know the battery of tests and the likes a person making this claim would have to go through to get some Dr's to believe you're ok and no marbles got loose. That would be because they don't wanna cut anyone loose after a serious brain tumor removal who had a few screws knocked loose taking it out, believe you me. Again I know cause I barely made the cut! lol :)

Strangely to me as a casual observer of these mounting cases, is that many of these "after injuries" from Tasers that I've read about(aside from the instant deaths recorded) are similar to the man in the story below, who claims his "short term" memory is "damaged" from the Taze incident. Not the long term or anything else, in short, just what you told him 20 seconds ago.

Now I'm not saying this man "is" faking because I obviously have no idea, but I guarantee you "I" could fake a Dr I believe into buying that I have no short term memory, after again knowing what they would be looking for. There's no "physical damage" to coincide with the claim here as far as MRI's, so being naturally cynical as I am, I have to wonder about this one and others.

What was I saying? Damn I forgot.....

See. Pretty easy to do when one is talking about a person's short term memory, anyone could fake that, especially for a huge lotto like payoff for one, coupled with news media who are loving these stories like they are. In fact, one might even surmise they, (meaning shady Dr's and Lawyers and media looking for extra dough in a bad economy) might just seek out people like this for the "story" and "to help" (wink wink).

Just something to think about while watching this video if you so choose..

CNN.com - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News: "Nearly every big-city police department uses a Taser device. The manufacturer says the devices have 'repeatedly proven safe through testing.' But on tonight's 'Campbell Brown' (8 ET), some experts challenge that claim"


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