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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rep. Cantor's Richmond Campaign Office Shot at Overnight, Are Liberals Appalled?

Don't make me roll on that one....The loons are crying the crocodile tears today like you wouldn't believe. And frankly you'll never hear me as mad as I am today about all their lies and stories because that's all they are.

If they cared they'd be just as angry about this we become when some redneck spits at at the president or what have you....so how come they're not angry about this?
FOXNews.com -: "Republican Rep. Eric Cantor's Richmond campaign office was shot at Wednesday night, Fox News has learned, the latest in a rash of apparent threats and acts of intimidation against members of Congress.

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor's Richmond campaign office was shot at Wednesday night, Fox News has learned, the latest in a rash of apparent threats and acts of intimidation against members of Congress.

Most of the threats so far have been reported by Democrats, but Cantor -- the No. 2 Republican in the House -- is one of about 10 lawmakers who has asked for increased security protection, Fox News has learned. As a member of the House leadership, U.S. Capitol Police already provide Cantor with a security detail around the clock, but he has asked for more security.

As House Republican whip, Cantor is the highest elected Jewish politician in the country.

The Department of Homeland Security is involved in the Cantor case because he is a member of the House leadership.

Fox News has also obtained a threatening message left Friday on the voicemail of Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio."

Liberals whining that they're "frightened" by Tea Party patriots? I feel sorry for them because we haven't even really messed with those people yet,  and when we do they'll know it, and the following drift in and out  in the tense of myself talking to them directly... ok?

So when you people on that side start to cry those crocodile tears,  you try and remember the vans that were attacked during the Bush campaign, and you remember how you all thought is was so funny when Sarah Palin was hung in effigy on Halloween that just provided the cover to do it. Ho ho hahah.

That was funny stuff wasn't it....hahahahaha ....You hypocritical, same sex lovin' beatnicks who put this thing up were 2 homosexuals living together who thought they would be funny media stars and the media complied of course but forbid you say anything deragatory in the least in their direction, oh what a sin.

If this house was in my neighborhood when this happened they would have taken that thing down in minutes, and I'd a been a national hero for doing it too, I guaran- freakin- tee it. But they we're yukkin' it up on the left with no compunction whatsoever. I see no proof anything even rising close to this that has occurred ever from even the nuttiest of we proud so called "extremists" who love God and country.

And speaking of threats of violence, Do you all remember this crap from your dear Ghetto Slumdog Obama when he demonstrated his "'hood speak" to get some cred with the brother's in Philly? He reminds me of Carlton from Fresh Prince doesn't he? He's actually like both characters, because we all know it's an act either way.

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

hahahahah funny shit huh?

Freaking hilarious coming from the Slumdog Prez. I just can't remember any outrage from from the moronic "nut lap" gallery back then do you all? That's because it didn't exist.

Oh, and speaking of "nut lappers", what about the calls of "tea bagger" this and 'tea baggers"  that?

Not so funny now is it you momo's out there who are real tea bagger's, the San Fran Frisco treat for those who enjoy having a gay man's scrotum jammed in their mouths? They're the real Tea Baggers, oh but perhaps call a homosexual a "tea bagging momo" and see the freakin' FBI show up at your door. But they can let the "tea bagger" double entendre's  fly can't they without repercussions at all..

Look it up if you doubt it. Here's a link to see what those people are calling all the "Tea PARTY" patriots who love their country and will do just about anything for it and it's people, not these people though.(
Be forewarned that this isn't a pretty picture even though I found  the tamest explanation I could find which is on Wikipedia at that link I've provided.) 

 This was a calendar dedicated to the liberal nuts and their rampant and offensive hypocrisy and double standards.  I don't recall seeing any such product directed at the right because there's no material for it.

They hate Americans so much they go pick their children out of straw huts and throw a couple banana's at the parent's and local politico's who like the pictures to hang in their offices on the way out of the country with their score. Right? Its like a liberal status symbol to go steal some little African kid and tote him around like a rag doll. Freaks

There's even been books published documenting their mental behavior and Michelle Malkin called it Unhinged Liberals during the first Bush administration. Perhaps if one of those congresscons and the MSM nuts they could actually see all the shit they ignore.

One thing I think I can say for many of us out here is "when we finally do come after you people it will be at the ballot boxes first you can bet since you are Americans in the least sense of the word. Unlike liberals we don't attack fellow Americans and destroy them like nutless loons do constantly ".

Then, when we win the next elections you'll really feel our fury when we take every law passed thus far and chuck it all right out the window as unconstitutional nanny state crud more suited for the former Soviet Union, not our free country. No you don't.

And as far as the Cowardly Congressional Ten who are crying that they don't feel safe, well that's how your supposed to feel when you ignore the will of the majority, and steal our retirement money to give welfare to lazy asses and deadbeats, you should feel scared because you nutballs are scaring the hell out of us too throwing our country to the third world wolves you cowardly worms.

So quit your whining and quit screwing the people and your conscience won't get the best of you. This racial incident claim is entirely false, there's no shred of evidence not a bit and I covered that that thing like Clinton on a teenager when it happened the other day and called it a hoax then and I'll call it one again and again

Show me the money Show me show me show me...Put up or shut the hell up with that incendiary racist shit coming from congressman, fuckinh liars...and furthermore I won't believe a word of it until those liars are strapped to a polygraph machine being waterboarded. These people lie for a living in DC and especially the minority reps and they do, I don't care what anyone says. 

They go to prison at a higher rate than the population I'll bet my House, and theyv'e only been doing it for like 20 years,  and I wouldn't believe a word they say about ANYTHING anymore. They're credibility to even govern or lead is gone. Send them back home because their worthless like 80 % of the rest of the politicians. These few republicans standing up are the only patriots in Washington, the rest are all thieves.

Oh, and I wonder why the media isn't going apeshit over Eric Cantor's office being shot up? Fuc*ing Cowards on the left. You should read and see all the liberal loon shit I have to delete from this blog every night. It's 10 times worse than being called the N word I'll tell you tha

Yet you don't see me whining like a 4 year old about, as if I did I wouldn't have to write all this other crap all day, I could fill the pages with the attacks and threats I get all the time. I send them my address and nobody ever comes to the door, I wonder why?  Cowards, that's why. I'll put it here right now and I beg one of you loons to show up at my house...Dare ya...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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