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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Police: Man Drunk At DUI Sentencing - (Need a Drink Anyone?)

Police: Man Drunk At DUI Sentencing

Omaha News Story - "PAPILLION, Neb. --
Authorities said a drunken driver showed up for his sentencing hearing drunk again.

Jason Botos, 30, was driven to court by his father and investigators said he was so drunk that he had to be helped inside and wasn't able to make his court appearance.

'He was unable to get himself out of the vehicle, he was so intoxicated,' said deputy Sarpy County attorney Ben Perlman.

Investigators said Botos' father asked deputies to help carry his son inside the courthouse.

Botos was scheduled to be sentenced for a drunken driving offense in September 2009. He was driving near Highway 75 and Cornhusker Road when his car jumped a curb and smashed into five other vehicles, critically injuring three people.

'Because he failed to appear for his court appearance, a warrant was issued,' said Perlman.

Deputies arrested Botos in the parking lot." KETV Omaha

Hey, I feel bad for people who have drinking problems and I've known my fair share, I've also never known one who didn't eventually quit drinking after catching one of these on the way home from the local watering hole after a few to many.

This piece of ______ happens to be either one of those who can't, or just simply one of those who won't quit, which in that case, usually an police auction of repeat offenders and a nice vacation in a freaking cage usually brings them around pretty quickly I've found.

I'm sure that'll work on this guy if they even bother punishing him, as anyone who shows up for a DUI hearing intoxicated like this person did so badly he had be helped in by his poor father.....should have their driving PRIVILEGES PERMANENTLY REVOKED NATIONWIDE.

Contrarily, this would be the liberal response to such a selfish act....."Oh, but he's got a proooooooblem, and he needs to be cooooooddled and comforted..... not punished"!@!!!!!" 

&^%$#@  imbeciles, and believe me,  I know ALL about it.

I got ONE DUI at 25 and said "that's enough of this shit for me" after 15 years of partying pretty hard and irresponsibly, so if I can stop without the rehab scam so can every other freaking drunk and druggie .

That's all a con job classifying this as a sickness, "sick in the head"  is about it and classifying this as a "sickness" is nothing more than about money and lots of it sucked of insurance companies for a lousy 30 day drying out at a center which runs about 10 thou a drunk and druggie and the rich ones are repeat customers!!

This man will never quit until his liver does, or until he kills someone and or himself, that's it.......period.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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