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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Congress won't pay to close Gitmo, says Boehner -Best News All Week | video

Funny how the Gitmo deadline passed and we don't hear the usual whining from all the usual Euro Peeon trash that these killer Muslims aren't being treated well enough down at Club Gitmo, the one and only custom built Islam Halal friendly terrorist holding pen offering free education in this Milky Way Galaxy.

THE ONLY ONE!! I know this much, if I was a liberal politician and had to pick the prison I was going to be sent to like so many of them are doing now, that tropic resort would be the place.

Minority leader (minority in more than one way nowadays)  John Boehner, one of the few "white hat" men left in congress, says they won't pay for the big move. And just for that not only am I posting the video, but we're sending him a little campaign check he can do what he wants with. If he was a dem he could spend on prostitutes but I'm sure they'll use it for something else....

 And another thing (sorry this is turning into a week ending rant!!)  ......Since the  so called president is bribing his dem cohorts with our hard earned tax dollars to pass a monster bill to steal our health care dollars and give it to others who don't deserve it, then at least we should do the same gosh damn thing.

So I though perhaps we should start a conservative "pay to play" plan that rewards the congress people with donations to their personal bank accounts whenever they do what we tell them to and we'll just call them campaign contributions. How's that? I know it'll work because we have more money on this side in  Middle America than they do, or they wouldn't be trying to make us pay for everything they want to do as they're now trying "against the will of the people" to get away with.

Still open last time I checked, and my bet is it never closes which is a great thing if you asked me!

And all this wasted time and money trying the (Obama-way) has been just that, a waste of time and energy, and just like everything Obama has ever done after he got AA'd through Harvard Law,  it's half assed. Like his senate job in Illinois, his community organizer job as you can plainly see from the 3rd world South Side of Chicago he supposedly was working to better.....a place which is worse today than it's ever been, and on and on it goes with Obama.

And that is a string of one unfinished job after another unfinished job.

Perhaps we should just send them all to a place closer to home for the sand lovers,  like ABU GHRAIB. How does that sound I wonder to those jumpsuit wearing hardcore America hating killers? In fact these jumpsuits are probably the nicest clothes they've ever had living in caves like these terrorists do over there.

Lets see how they like that crown jewel of the Muslim penal system. They sure didn't complain about that hellhole when Saddam was alive burying millions of his own citizens in mass graves for a decade or two, not a peep from these loony libs who care about the "Muslim Plight" so much. Not one fucking protest during those decades. NADA- squat diddly- zero- nothing!

I'll tell you one thing, they'll be moved here to Illinois over our dead bodies. And if they do get moved here boy are these killer Muslims gonna love the snow in Illinois 5 months of the year, I would however not mind seeing them freeze their camel chafed asses off in the winter, that might get them talking and begging to go back to CUBA, fu****s.

 Congress won't pay to close Gitmo, says Boehner - POLITICO Live - POLITICO.com: "House Minority Leader John Boehner called the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay a 'world class facility,' and said in an interview with CNN airing Sunday that closing it - a goal of the Obama administration - is not likely and that holding suspected terrorists there is appropriate."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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