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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obamacare D-Day Vote Today Hinging On Abortion if Anything.

Updated at exactly 3:00 pm cdt Bart Stupack announced some kind of deal with Obama that keeps public money in any way from funding abortion with the language supposedly taken out of the bill. (click pic to Fox news story)

In addition it's also re affirmed with an executive order,  which keep in mind "can always be overturned by a law or the president himself. Furthermore it's only good as long as Obama's president so that could end in December after impeachment when R's and Independents take congress back, but it's really only re stating present law for the most part.
(we'll have to see what happens with this now, it's still all a con job that has to go back to the senate)  NOt to mention I and another 150 million American's don't trust ObamaLosi Reid Inc.  as far as far as we can see,  because we all know they're all "shuckin' and jivin'" us all somehow, I'm sure. 

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We''ll see how this turns out today, sadly it appears the democrats holding out have now all been adequately bribed to purchase their YES votes and those 8 or 9 congressman along with the rest of that party are traitors to the country and we will never forget Stupack and the rest of these cons as long as we live.

And hopefully the people on the hill who are defending the lives of the unborn along with the citizenry out here doing the same will be rewarded at a later date in other ways for hanging tough on this issue in light of all the pressures. Of that I'm certain.

However, if it doesn't get rewarded here today with a defeat of this horrendous bill,  all who voted to not only to increase the amount of children wiped out through "Fetal Genocide" as I call it, but also making it essentially free by charging us, (the very people who are against it in the first place on the side of humanity) to foot the bill for these millions of murders in the mother's womb of all places will feel the wrath from today through the fall as we rise up in a fury this country has never seen since the Civil War to bring end for once and for all the democratic party's power in this country.

The party of genocide will be wiped off the map as a result of the passing of this bill, and we will work tirelessly until our typing fingers and protesting feet are bleeding and voices are gone in order to make certain this repulsive bill is repealed for a  version that doesn't condone and fund the continued murder of generations of helpless potential future Americans, who are above all and everything GOD'S children who we have no right to kill at will, as liberals have been doing since the 1970's.

And to God they will answer on their day of judgment and their betrayal of humanity for their convenience and personal comfort now. Of that, I am certain. And, we'll make them pay in the meantime by ending their careers in politics starting today.

If anyone wants to steal that pic here's one that doesn't have the blue fade in ...
House health-care vote Sunday may hinge on abortion issues:

"House leaders decided Saturday to stage a vote on the Senate's health-care bill, dropping a much-criticized strategy of allowing lawmakers to 'deem' the landmark legislation into law. But the outcome of that vote remained in doubt as a pivotal bloc of Democrats continued to withhold its support over fears that the bill would open the door to the federal funding of abortion.

House leaders were working to secure their votes late Saturday with the promise of an executive order affirming President Obama's commitment to a longstanding ban on public abortion funding except in cases of rape or incest, or to save the life of the mother. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), a key antiabortion vote, said she thought the document would be insufficient to bring the entire group of about 10 antiabortion Democrats onboard.

Senior Democrats predicted a cliffhanger when the House is expected to vote Sunday night, saying they are likely to clear the 216-vote threshold for final passage by the narrowest of margins. Democratic leaders huddled in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) late into the evening, reviewing the final list of commitments.

Throughout the day, thousands of angry protesters milled outside the Capitol; some hurled insults at black and gay lawmakers and shouted at Democrats to 'kill the bill!' Meanwhile, Obama made a final pitch for reform, exhorting wavering lawmakers to rise to the aid of millions of uninsured Americans by taking 'the single most important step that we have taken on health care since Medicare' was created in 1965. continued
And for that they will pay a price they never dreamed of  as they return to public life and are forced to live with all this Debt and bs legislation they passed at all costs with bribes, coercion and outright thuggish tactics , which we will now use to kick their pompous, fat asses back home to be parriah's in the communities they chose not to listen to, except for Barney and Nancy's backassword homelands that is.

This man John Boehner has been at the forefront of the fight against Obamacare and for that when this bill starts  showing it's real stripes starting tomorrow would make a fine president since he's one of the few who kept his eyes on the ball along with the other Republicans calling it what it was all along just as the right did with Obama during the elections.

We will be on the right side of history on this one for sure regardless of the outcome today. This whole thing doesn't even really get off the ground yet. Another thing is the states are suing and if only a couple more join in they have constitutional mass which means "all bets are off"

We lost the battle but the war will rage on tomorrow morning like they've never seen in DC ever.

Bank on it. I'm sending Boehner and 9 other Republicans who have led the resistance on this  a $1000 check just for standing up for the issue, so I'm sure the big dog donors are ready with their checks as well.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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