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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mayor Daley Senior LBJ Riot Tapes Released Today..Liberals NOT in control in '68 nor '10

This was the famous aftermath of the Martin Luther King assassination when the people of the West and South sides of Chicago along with other urban areas decided the best way to deal with that tragic news that day was to burn their own neighborhoods to the ground, and still to this day much of the damage still sits as it did that day in 1968. 

42 Freakin years later, 40 different Obama's promising their version of change and one  more fat assed Daley later, the place for the most part still looks the same except for where white people still live which isn't too much of the city any more.  I know it sounds terrible but it's true.

Sure is some great Leadership on display all the way around the table huh? We got LBJ who many think helped have the president killed, of course Big DICK Daley running the machine in Chicago then a couple pretenders in between.

There was Michael Bilandic, Jane Byrne and the notorious Harold Washington) who died in office literally in his office on Thanksgiving day,  right down to Jr who's now been running the city for most of my adult life just about the same way his father did,  a devout liberal who by the way  was the man responsible for the creation of the Hi Rise ghetto. That sure did the black community a big favor huh? 

There woulda been no tv show "Good Times" without Mayor Daley, think about it!!

Yea, those Daley's and democrats as a whole, they  sure do love those Black people alright. That's why the abortion rate in America is greatest in densely populated, black urban neighborhoods like most of Chicago.

By the way, who was the last guy who thought that "targeted genocide" was a good thing? What was his frickin' name again, some German guy with a goofy mustache....?
Historic LBJ- Richard J. Daley tapes released today-- plus some bonus audio!
Bill Cameron, WLS News
Mar 30, 2010


--Hear an additional tape released today...and more great LBJ moments..listen by clicking right here

--And as an added bonus, click right here to see the famous "Daisy" TV commercial


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  1. People only burn down "their own neighborhoods" when they have no ownership.  Democrats are bringing the turd world to the United States, and they've been doing it for over 80 years...

  2. It's funny 'cause I never understood it even when I was little our g parents and whomever would take us to the "Hawks" games and navigating to the Chicago Stadium brings you through the closest neigborhoods to the third world without actually being there and I used to ask how the hell all that happened and that's the description I'd get.  And I would go "why would they do that to their own neighborhoods" and it's still a dumb assed thing to do

    look what happened when Barney and friends tried to "give" them all "home ownership" without having to work for it. Now these people are not only still in homes they can't afford, we're the freaking ones paying for their "generous Mortgage adjustments" absolutely upside down alright, they shouldn't even be in the situation in the first place, I don't give a **** if they made a poor decision to buy something they couldn't afford.

    Nobody adjusted my mortgage when I woke up disabled one day, they didn't hold any telethons or write any legislation so I could keep my home which I did without their fu**ing help and others would too if forced to. Otherwise they're asses are kissed like they're the kings of the world when the fact is they don't even matter.

  3. Most Rev. Archbishop GregoriWednesday, March 31, 2010

    Days, months and years go by, but it is always the same old S^%T just a different out house.

  4. I finally broke down and shitcanned the Intense debate> Happy Now? LOL   :)

    Yes it is SOSDD,  but I want "my bastards" in there breaking the rules, not the momo squad.


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