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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mark Levin on Soft Tyranny and Despotic regimes ....

click above to go listen and bookmark if you don't have it already ;>)
This clip I embedded is Levin at his absolute best and railing about everything Obama,  he exudes more intelligence this one segment alone then you'll hear from the entire left in the MSM and beltway in an entire year

Levin's THE definition of A GREAT AMERICAN (like his buddy calls everyone and has worn it out sadly) but he is one of our best assets in this country on our side which is even better,

It would be wise for his words to be heeded by the out of control left AND by us, as he's got this regime figured out like no ones business man, and is a lot smarter than most on any of these subjects, even the Maha. It's great that he's on our side as he's a "one man" Obama regime wrecking crew.

 At Reagan's Oval Office..
Click the arrow to listen.. (wait a couple seconds if it isn't there yet )

...as your reading with the greatest clip from the great one....I usually re listen to his shows again on the weekends and this clip was emailed to me Thanks to Margie for emailing it    It's from this past week and more motivating than anything I've ever heard from the false Messiah in about 2 years.

not that his false oratory ever fooled us but it worked wonders on the TMZ generation and all the Woodstock burnouts still hanging on who've finally become "the man" after 5 decades of "hating the man".


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. I can't figure out where these tweet comments are coming from. I'm not tweeting my own freaking things but it's showing up here as is yours Margie...I listen to his show once in a while live but I usually flip on the replays if I don't and he's like sitting into a Constitutional Law course in college and Beck is a little like that too but self taught in Becks case after a life of debauchery changed his ways.>

    Levin's been on this side the entire time working in the Reagan administration so he knows wTH he's talking about more than the others although I love their shows as well ...thanks for emailing that clip.  I used to post a lot of clips like I did with this one but it's a little bit of a pain to embed it and if no one listens its a bunch of work for nothing.  Trying but you can't drag people here. I have other blogging friends who email the hell out of you with links to their own blog and I  just dont' self promote, I figure if it's any good people find it..

    Thanks margie


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