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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sandra Bullock and fans both "Stupak'd", "Woodied" and "Edwards'd" Simultaneously By Hound Dog Jesse James

Jesse James Mistresses:

"One of the most popular searches on the internet is the affair of the model Michelle McGee and Jesse James and the break up news of the Jesse James and her wife Sandra Bullock.

The news of the affair of the Michelle McGee and Jesse James was first reported by the In Touch magazine. People have not yet stopped talking about the affair of the Jesse James and Michelle McGee, another claim regarding the Jesse James affair with another alleged mistress has come in front of the people. The claim regarding his affairs has not ended after this new claim. We can just say that he had more than one affair.

(Won't see too many of these nicey nice pic's in their future,  thanks entirely to J.J's propensity for hosing tattooed motorskank homewrecker's on the side while married to a seemingly genuinely wonderful woman. Something unheard of in Hollywood these days.)

The latest woman is the Melissa Smith who was involved in the affair of the Jesse James for two years. It has been told by the Smith to a famous magazine that James contacted her in 2006 through MySpace. In both the affairs there are some similarities like both were contacted by the James through e-mail and that he used the nickname for both the mistresses as ‘Vanilla Gorilla’. According to Smith she and James were used to having unprotected sex almost two times a week. They also had a sex once in his office couch in West Coast Choppers garage in California. It is also reported that last year Smith was arrested due to the reason that she beat a police officer who was trying to arrest her for DUI.

Brigitte Daguerre is the third person who has claimed her affair with the Jesse James. She said that she was hired by the Jesse James to do a styling work for a West Coast Chopper photo shoot. She claimed that both of them had emailed each other for a year but had sex only 4 times. But these rumours have not been admitted by the Jesse James but the truth of all the claims has yet to be revealed."   more here

The book is from a site I ran across while researching this that carries cheaters tools for women being screwed by their husbands, and not the way they envisioned I'm sure.  Click the pic to check it out, it's unique, that's for sure.
But as for James, those 3 aforementioned dogs are really slime man in the worst way nowadays.  And why women continuously seek out the "lowest common denominator" when looking for men to mate up with has to be one of the world's best kept or simply unexplicable secrets, other than the two obvious reasons, the first one being money and the second one that thing that's supposed to not matter. Yea right..

However, in the case of Sandra Bullock, this sad piece of _________  just may be able to raid her bank account during his imminent exit from that marriage as unbelievable is that is according to Fox's Megyn Kelly who's one smart cookie herself.. However, in this man's opinion,  any "MAN" who would take a woman's money on the way out the door isn't a man in my book.

That is unless she was some kind of off the charts, incredible bi*** who cheated on me with my brother or best friend or something of that magnitude. That turns it into a horse of a different color for sure.

Well, women wanted equality and now they're getting it in almost all areas of Western life, just not when it works against them I guess. I tell you one thing, if I was a woman and thank the lord I'm not...(just kidding ladies..lolol)  I'd long for the old days when they could opt to stay home and be with their children each day instead of bustin' their asses out in the working world for far much less reward all in all in my opinion. Especially with all the hound dog men who treat them in and around the office mostly as something to leer at all day or a potential love interest, as opposed to viewing them as equals on business footing,  sadly. 

Oh well, so it looks like yet another American marriage falls apart at the seams thanks only to a man behaving like a bulldog in heat who can't control themselves and their primal sexual urges, like animals almost.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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