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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Karzai gets an earful in town seized from Taliban (A Taliban Town Hall, Say That 5 Times Fast Before Suicide Bomb Blows)

Kabooom Too late.. :(

Even the people in Afghanistan are learning democracy better than a gaggle of San Fran Freako Liberals can manage, as they unloaded on their crooked leader Hamid Karzai (our hand picked scum) at local town hall meetings, or town "hut" meetings I guess they call 'em over there.....

Something tells me security is pretty tough to deal with when everyone is pissed off,  looks the same and is
either wearing turban's, burka's and or robes, ya know?
And we think (know) our leaders are full of shit, you can just imagine the bull Karzai is feeding these people ! I can hear it now:
"Yes, we will build more camel trough's, I very much promise! And more dung sweepers Too!  We will also rebuild every mosque blown up by our friends in the Taliban, we swear! And, those dumb Americans will give us the money so no opium harvest money will be wasted rebuilding"
That's probably a pretty accurate depiction of the conversations I would venture to guess.
Karzai gets an earful in town seized from Taliban - Yahoo! News: "MARJAH, Afghanistan – Elders in a former Taliban stronghold berated and challenged Afghanistan's president Sunday, delivering a litany of complaints about government corruption and NATO's military operations on the Afghan leader's first visit to Marjah.

President Hamid Karzai said that's exactly what he had come to hear.

'Today, I'm here to listen to you and hear your problems,' Karzai told about 300 men who sat shoulder to shoulder on the floor of a mosque in central Marjah.

Thousands of U.S., NATO and Afghan troops seized the town of 80,000 people from the Taliban this month in a three-week offensive seen as a major test of a new strategy to win over Afghans by routing insurgents from population centers, setting up an effective civilian government and rushing in aid.

On Sunday, many of the assembled elders said they wanted to side with the government, but that their experience so far made them skeptical.

They complained — sometimes shouting — about corruption among former Afghan government officials. They lamented how schools in Marjah were turned into military posts by international forces. They said shops were looted during the offensive, and alleged that innocent civilians were detained by international forces."  more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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