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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dwight Gooden Swims Up "Shit's Creek" Once Again (same old same old)

Dwight Gooden charged with driving on drugs in NJ

 Yahoo! News: "FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. – Former Major League Baseball star Dwight Gooden has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and leaving the scene of an accident.

The former pitcher for the New York Mets and New York Yankees had a child in his vehicle at the time of the two-vehicle crash around 9 a.m. Tuesday, Franklin Lakes police Capt. Joseph Seltenrich said.

Police wouldn't say whose child it was, but they said no one was hurt.

Gooden also was charged with child endangerment and motor vehicle violations, authorities said. They wouldn't release details, including the type of drugs.

Gooden, 45, was released on his own recognizance until a municipal court hearing. It was unclear whether Gooden, who has waged a well-publicized battle with alcohol and drugs, including cocaine, had an attorney.

The driver of the other car, Ronald Schmidt, of Franklin Lakes, said he recognized Gooden right away.

'I looked at him, and I knew it was Dwight Gooden,' Schmidt told WABC-TV in New York. 'I think he was surprised I recognized him, (and) he shook my hand.'"  continued
 How many chances before he kills someone or less worrisome himself? Decades now we've been reading headlines about Dwight Gooden and his BS battle with drugs and the endless sob stories and excuses and all the other drug fueled bullshit that addicts like him never stop spewing until they're finally found dead in a seedy hotel somewhere in rigor mortis with the crack pipe in their hands.

It's nobody's fault but his, and I for one care more about the average Joe out there who after a couple tries finally becomes sober for real and changes their God forsaken lost life into something great again, and the immediate person who comes to my mind is one Glenn Beck, a self described and saved, certified drunk if there ever was one, and look at him today. On top of the world and one day will be seen as one of the few telling the absolute truth about Barack Hussein Obama while the entirety of the  MSM was his loyal crotch sniffing lapdog.

If Gooden doesn't care, then why the hell should we, aside from normal human compassion, which eventually runs out with people like him even being rejected by their own loved ones they're so sick and delusional from drugs .

It's no secret he keeps relapsing because all the people around him keep picking his ass up off the ground and dropping bushels of money in his lap, which he obviously can't handle and never could. Most can't handle that lifestyle and I couldn't either when it once came my way..

And he's not the only one dying a slow death in that whole TMZ ESPN pop culture celebrity scene, and perhaps Americans will someday stop enabling these people by throwing their hard earned money into their personal endless drug funds as we presently do. This man's rap sheet is longer than the Magna Carta for goodness sakes, and again he has to care about his outcome before anyone else can save him, as only he and we can save himself from himself our ourselves from ourselves. Most times in life no one can stop us in this country, besides ourselves (Oh and a Marxist leader like the one we have now).


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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