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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Chilean Looting Madness" as The Calm after the 'Quake Ends As it Began, With a Fury

Here's a woman who's either really full of shit or has a real big ass if she needs this much toilet paper, or paper towels we can't really tell other than it's called 'Favorita', (maybe she uses the towels for tp?) unless she  perhaps plans to hand out rolls wherever she happens to be living and staying at, in which case she might just be the local hero showing up with this bounty.  But from the looks on the faces of the guy in the yellow  and her, I'd bet the former.

Something tells me that she's going to try and sell it from the look on her face you can plainly see. That's just not a face of "bathroom relief" as I've never seen anyone "dying to relieve themselves" able to do the "200 meter International WalMart Looter Dash" with enough toilet paper for the Chicago Bulls, and a big smile on their face like they just got 4 numbers in the lotto. 

Looks like that woman just may have to replace the infamous NOLA looter as "Google images tragedy opportunist of the new millennium". 
Oh wait,  this is the wrong picture dammit, this is the infamous and notorious Kenyan born, DC Looter caught vacationing during Katrina.

Here's some Chilean police on the streets trying to subdue some of the unnecessary looting, I guess until  the merchants were basically ordered to "give the stuff away" which probably caused even worse looting, you know?

Chile earthquake: Military takes control as death toll passes 700 | Mail Online: "Bloody and broken, this is the body of a looter in Chile who was hit by a car as he tried to escape with his loot from a market in Santiago.

His horrific fate came as the Chilean government was forced to send in 10,000 troops to manage the chaos as earthquake survivors scramble for food and water.

The Chilean military was last night trying to restore order as looters swept the devastated streets of the country's second city."
I like the guy in the back here who looks like he's perusing through the "bargain bin" at Walmart, ya know? When your looking through clothing after you went through an earthquake, I don't think it's really an absolute necessity do you? I can see after a flood or some weather phenomenon, but a quake?

He's clothed and not that shabbily either. Probably because he's out shopping and garbage picking for new clothes during the earthquake aftermath.

I don't mean to be an asshole but wouldn't you still have your own clothes if your house collapsed, no?  I would...You could still climb back in your dwelling and get some of your stuff don't you think? Again, I sure as hell would, that and my loaded weaponry to keep the scavengers away, like 5 foot rodents.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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