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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dem Lt Governor Candidate Cohen drops out of race

 I'm sure the dems promised him some goodies to get him in front of the cameras for some tears you can see here.

So, the democrats force out of an election a man who was picked by the liberal people of Illinois on Primary day, but with threats of the cold shoulder from the establishment elites like Michael Madigan and KingMaker Daley, assuring they would make this man's life more miserable than it became after the primary unless he dropped out of the race.

This occurred when a former prostitute girlfriend of his past accused him years ago of attacking her with a knife, where police were called, charged filed and then dropped when she neglected to skip the court date. How convenient.

According to WLS radio reports he changed his mind after receiving a phone call from Speaker Madigan Sunday afternoon, the man who by the way behind the scenes really runs this state.

So last night Cohen bailed, and as a result the crooked dems show the country how "Patronage politics" works. And seeing the irony of this occurring when Illinois politics is deepest in the sewer it's ever been.....so the voters should reject the Cohen replacement as nothing more than another dem handpicked establishment candidate, avoiding the primary process and circumventing an outcome the elites in Springfield and Chicago weren't comfortable with.

In fact the republicans did the same thing to Investment banker Jack Ryan back here in the Obama senate election of 2004, and because of them dropping their support for Ryan, he too dropped out of the race which left the election in the hands of carpetbagging Alan Keyes at the last moment, and now Obama is the freaking president as a result of it all.  Funny how all that worked out JUST PERFECT for Obama and friends.

As if Ryan runs that election, Obama loses that campaign, and today he's still "smoking rocks and sucking *****"  in limos with people like Larry Sinclair as a south side community organizer, which he really still is he proves each day.

Tearful Cohen drops out of lieutenant governor's race

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010: "A tearful Scott Lee Cohen, the pawnbroker who won the Democratic lieutenant governor nomination, only to have his scandalized past surface and threaten the ticket, said Sunday he would step aside, giving Democratic Party leaders a chance to pick his replacement.

'For the good of the people of the state of Illinois and the Democratic Party, I will resign,' Cohen said at the Hop Haus, a bar and restaurant at 7545 N. Clark, during the Super Bowl."  continued


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