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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jihad by any other name - Obama Goes "Slick Willie" With "Depends On What Islamic Terror Is"

First it was "this", then "that",  now this and then it's "that". This administration can't even make up their gosh damn minds as to what to call this War ON Terror, switching to man made disaster to man caused disaster which by the way not one single "man" complained about, since all terror nowadays is equal opportunity for all Muslims

At least that's one way Muslims treat women the same as men, their lives are worthless enough to strap on explosives to kill as many innocent civilians they can manage, indiscriminately of course.

Why not call it what it is you dumb asses, a "War Against Islamic Extremism" because that's exactly what it is and nothing more, nothing less.

Right talker and talking beauty Monica Crowley has been all over this, starting with this video from Fox last night on O'Reilly as she matches up with Alan Colmes and rips Obama a new orifice for his goofy schizo terrorist approach as she comes right out and says what everyone pretty much wants to say but seems afraid to do

And then her column in the Washington Times today which is excerpted below, reiterates what most conservatives have felt all along and still continue to feel. We're at war with Islamic extremists although I happen to believe it's simply a war against Islam, because Islam IS terror and nothing more.
Jihad by any other name

Washington Times: "If you are trying to keep track of President Obama's euphemisms about the war against Islamic terror, he just added a new one. In his weekly radio address, he replaced 'global war on terror' with 'war on a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.' In another attempt to be 'anything-but-Bush,' Mr. Obama has turned the simple, descriptive acronym 'GWOT' into the mangled 'WFRNVH.' I think even members of al Qaeda are perplexed over the American president's determination to make even simple concepts maddeningly complex.

The 'WFRNVH' now joins a motley collection of other powder-puff phrases the Obama administration is using to describe the current war, the attacks against us, and those who carry them out: 'Extremism.' 'Attempted.' 'Isolated.' 'Incident.' 'Man-made disaster.' 'Overseas contingency operation.'

Everything but the truth: terror against the infidel carried out in the name of Islam as part of a global jihadi movement."   continued

This  came in late Wednesday afternoon with Rep Peter King from New York who I happen to like because of his hardline attitude as a ranking member of the House Homeland Security  Committee.

Here's the democratic side from nutjob Sheila Jackson reverse racist Lee and her take on how to make the airports safer which I'm sure you can't wait to hear and see.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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