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Friday, January 15, 2010

"Everyone Knows I Don't Tolerate Corruption".....Clinton Interview Video Re Haiti ...lol

I'm still laughing on that one and even while still hearing it and laughing I was pounding this away on the keyboard.

He will be doing this 2010 Disaster Tour with Dubya by the way, not Senior, HW like the first time..(they might be gas on fire together those two, hope Slick doesn't re corrupt Bush back to his old party days.never know, Slick can be a bad influence..lol)

This video goes on forever it seems he says this about halfway through it....  However if it isn't showing click here to see it in a new window

You know, Clinton is just like George Costanza in Seinfeld, especially in the episode where Seinfeld goes on a polygraph to see if he really watches Melrose place or not by his policewoman girlfriend at the time. And to prepare he goes to his lying friend and asks him "Teach me your secrets Costanza" referring to his skill when it comes to ability when lying to others, to which Costanza retorted:

"Just remember Jerry, it's not a lie if  you believe it!"

That's Slick's motto year after year, people just accept it and he keeps doing it. Ever wonder how much of those donated trillions trickle down to the Slick and Skank fund?  Far too many I'm sure. I mean how could it not, in fact I would have to be honest and say I myself would fall to that temptation..

Who's gonna audit him?

Admittedly he does a lot of good raising money after disasters, be them "tsunami's after stains in the oral office", or "genocide in Africa", (oh wait, he didn't do shit about that, and admitted as much with blood on his hands, mind you) he deep down  is one "cheating and lying SOB", and would probably be a janitor in a witness protection program somewhere,  if not twice elected president. lol

By the way here's a photoshop I did way back during the Tsunami in Indonesia, as we in America raised billions for people who were out there celebrating on 911,  and would just as soon see us all dead more than anything. Although Haiti's situation is much different along those lines, being mostly Catholic as opposed to Indonesia being solid "Anti American death to us all" Islamic.   So anyhow.....

 I started mocking them all as this picture below came over the newswires,  again going to the topic of our money and good people saving those who openly hate us more than life itself, and as a result I like others began discouraging the totally unnecessary outpouring of American wallets

and true to form as we skeptics predicted and were ridiculed for, a great portion of the money was indeed simply stolen and outright wasted as the majority of Indonesian's still hate us and the west as much as they ever did..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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