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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coakley campaign misspells 'Massachusetts' in ad -

Here's what's going on in the waning days of the campaign up in Massachusetts to fill the vacant seat up there from the now dead and buried Ted the swimmer after a half century.

Coakley campaign misspells 'Massachusetts' in ad -

The Boston Globe: "Somebody get Martha Coakley's campaign a dictionary. Or a map. Or anything that would correctly spell the very state she's running to represent in Washington.

The Democrat last night rolled out her second TV ad of the general election race for US Senate. It's a hard-hitting spot -- particularly for a front-runner -- that accuses her Republican opponent, state Senator Scott Brown of Wrentham, of being in 'lock-step' with the national GOP, complete with photos of former president George W. Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney.

There's just one problem. That state she wants to serve? Massachusetts? It's spelled like this at the end of the 30-second spot: 'Massachusettes.' As in, 'Paid for by the Massachusettes Democratic Party and authorized by Martha Coakley for Senate.'

As you might expect, Republicans are having loads of fun with this today. If she can't spell her own state, they quip, how can she work for it on Capitol Hill?"

Damn right we quip that, only a fuc*ing imbecile wouldn't.

I betcha she can spell "entitlement", "welfare" and "gay marriage".

If she cannot oversee her own commercials which misspell her own state in a TV AD how the hell can she be ready to represent a state in Congress? Because the democratic party is filled with these chair holders and "hand me down candidates" that's why. If not for an uproar we'd be seeing a Kennedy filling this seat, the only problem is the one's left not already placeholding in other states in between trips to rehab (Rhode Island) haven't accomplished very much in politics,  other than being a Kennedy.

I would bet her campaign ad company isn't even based in the state as I couldn't believe anyone with a job in graphics in the state up there wouldn't know how to spell it....(illegals excepted of course, which that state is full of too... in fact one probably aided in composition of the ad apparently)

I bet a third grader could spell it if they live in the state.

Even better than that, go there to look at all the moronic liberals defending this woman up and down no matter what. With them party first country last.

This one grabbed my attention: "No one expects her to spell correctly, so it wouldn't be news".  

No one expects a congresswoman to "spell correctly"? That's the typical Obama voter answer, so typical and demonstrative of how the country has become filled with dumbed down MORONS, I call them ObaMorons...

I care if she can spell, you should too.

If they can't spell the content of and oversee their own gosh damn television ads, what do they get involved with, besides promising bribes for votes?  Apparently not much in this case and for that reason alone she's unqualified.

Because it's her ad and she's the one that ultimately approved it....

The Devil is in the details baby. ever heard that one? I bet she never has.

Here's one that I could have wrote:

It only proves what Scott Brown is saying. She's a rubber stamp! Never even looked at the ad. Just deal with it staff. I have to get ready to mix it up in Washington...

Here's another video from their debate that took place on Monday night where he corrects the moderator who calls the seat "the Kennedy Seat" and the man Scott Brown politely reminds him who's seat it is .... It's "The People's seat" Dammit....and these democrats don't know that because their voters are ill informed rubber stamps looking for handouts and voting for which ever democrat is handing out the most "free shit", which isn't free to we working taxpayers, especially we disabled ones who still work for a living...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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