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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CNN Reporter Camps Out In Front of Main Haiti Hospital Stirring Up Shit To Film

Watch this incredibly offensive piece of footage parading as a CNN report....Titled "US Troops Receive Mixed Welcome"..Yea,  after this guy got done stirring up crap to film because there was none.

I wanted to reach into my screen and choke this guy as all he does throughout the entire report is bash the US, the what he calls "slow response", emphasizing that it "took the world's largest military 7 days to fly in 5 helicopters"...and on and on and on he goes the whole time, picking this apart, then that apart regarding the US, a foreigner bashing us too working for CNN...I can't pick his goofy accent out entirely.

He even walks around saying "this looks like New Orleans to me"..American this, America that.

Then he tries stirring up some shit with the locals, by trying to get people to badmouth the US military , who are right on the premises just feet away protecting his dumb ass and the others there....finally locating one agreeable woman who starts ripping off racist comments about "all the white people taking over the hospital"  in French, or Haitian Creole, whatever the hell she was speaking.... Freakin (*;^*(^%*(%.

So why not let her and some friends run the show if she's got all the answers, along with the other  people ragging and bitching, as we all know they couldn't do it the first place, or we wouldn't be spending 3 billion since '92 on this half of Hispaniola.

It's I'm sure because they're all so self sufficient right?

I and we all love helping anyone in times of need and always do, we're the only ones there every time, right up until it's not good enough or quick enough to their liking that is, at least that's my feelings. And if guy's like this weren't  there making things worse instead of better, it would be a lot easier, I'm sure.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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