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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Cuban official says Obama lied his ass off in Copenhagen (Joe Wilson Was Right I Guess)

When the Cuban's call you a liar you must be doing something terribly wrong, and as much as I hate to agree with anyone in any communist Cuban government about anything at any time, we've been calling him a liar since 2007, where've you all been?

Not to mention Rep Joe Wilson is beginning to look a helluva lot better and prescient with each passing day, no?  He and we are gonna be do many apologies when this fire is finally  put out with the "Great Mistake On the Patomac"

Like the saying goes,  "the enemy of my enemy is my new friend," and after what we've witnessed in these past nine months, our president is our enemy it appears more and more each day, even to the die hard's like Cuba and the other Socialists, which is good to see.

Yahoo! News HAVANA – Cuba's foreign minister called President Barack Obama an "imperial and arrogant" liar Monday for his conduct at the U.N. climate conference, a reflection of the communist island's increasingly fiery verbal attacks on the U.S. government.

Bruno Rodriguez spent an hour and a half lambasting Obama's behavior in Copenhagen, telling a news conference, "at this summit, there was only imperial, arrogant Obama, who does not listen, who imposes his positions and even threatens developing countries."

He called the summit "a fallacy, a farce" and said Washington used back-room deals and strong-arm tactics to foist on the world a deal that he labeled "undemocratic" and "suicidal" because it urges — but does not require — major polluters to make deeper emissions cuts.

Rodriguez also said Cuba and other poor nations have refused to recognize the agreement because they weren't permitted to participate in its development.

He singled out comments Obama made during a news conference in Copenhagen, when the U.S. president said no agreement had yet been reached but he was confident one would before the summit ended. "Obama knew he was lying, that he was deceiving public opinion," the foreign minister said.

When asked if Cuba was serious about forging a climate agreement given that President Raul Castro declared Copenhagen a failure days before it ended, Rodriguez said, "Cuba's prestige is well-recognized in international negotiations."

"It was an open secret that countries would not reach an agreement," he said   continued
Speaking of that clusterfu** Climate shindig,  this little Dr Seuss ripoff explains all that was accomplished in Dopenhagen , and for that at least that we can be thankful, as whoever it was that leaked those heisted emails should truly be the one winning the Nobel Peace price, not our Great Pretender of a leader.

From the Now Show, 18/12/09. Marcus Brigstocke gives us a Dr Seuss-style take on events at Copenhagen.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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