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Friday, December 4, 2009

Reports: Tiger Woods had a series of crashes -not just one

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This story I posted below is exactly the point that people are missing about this Woods incident, and that is that once he got into that car and hit the streets he became a problem to everyone, and not just a private incident, as the MSM propaganda mill is churning in and out..

There's no saying he wasn't hopped up on his pain pills which we still don't know and from this erratic nutty driving being revealed more and more he could have easily killed someone if not himself...And what about the ridicule of a woman violently attacking her husband by proxy beating the crap out of his 80,000 car? with a deadly weapon masquerading as a
golf club. Anyone else does that, just swinging it at someone means a night in jail at least.

She too coulda killed him in a couple different ways..but all we hear is this kinda crap from these moronic broads on the View and particularly Whoopi Goldberg....

I just don't buy this "it's a private issue" when the both of them took that "private issue" to the public streets at 2 am on Thanksgiving of all nights.. Next time keep the "private issue" in the home and there's no problem, right?

It's not private when Sarah Palin's daughter is being virtually cyber and media raped not to mention the raping she took from the lowlife father who's now making a living from being the father of Sarah Palin's grandson and nothing more... where's the privacy for her I ask?
Another note is I think it's hilarious a grown up adult billionaire is so stupid to be text messaging his side squeeze in the same house even much less a cell phone his wife can look at when he goes to take a wiz or a dump...If he wasn't playing golf he sure wouldn't be curing cancer.

Just think, 20 to 30 mil he's gonna have to dish to this woman, his wife, who now is in the process of a "prenup renegotiation" another swell phrase resulting from turning marriages into business arrangements as much as anything and an incredible waste of money on Tiger's part for 2o sex acts, that's a mil a piece...Sucker.
Telegraph: "The pinball trajectory of his Cadillac was revealed in a police sketch of the incident which shows the golfing superstar had a total of three collisions, not two as previously thought.

As he pulled out of his drive at 2.25am he mounted a concrete curb onto a grass verge. He then tried to turn left onto a road but went all the way across, up another curb and into some hedges."The SUV then careered left across an oncoming lanes on to his neighbour's lawn where he hit the fire hydrant, before crossing the neighbour's drive and colliding with a tree.

The bizarre series of collisions will raise further questions over what caused Woods to crash.

As he recovers from the wounds to his face and reputation the superstar golfer, is also facing a hefty hit to his wallet, being forced to renegotiate his prenuptial agreement, which could lead to his wife receiving a record breaking $300 million (£180 million) in any future divorce.

Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren, 29, are desperately trying to save their marriage and have been undergoing marriage counselling sessions several times daily at their home in Orlando, Florida.

When the couple married on Oct. 5, 2004, in a wedding at the exclusive Sandy Lane resort in Barbados, Mrs Nordegren signed an agreement which staggered payments and was initially modest by A-list celebrity standards.

It is said to have given her the right to $20 million (£12 million) after 10 years of marriage. continued


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