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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PC Lib President Obama and Michelle From Hell send out holiday cards with a 'Season's Greetings' Salutation.

 Is that the kind of card a supposedly dedicated Christian president and his wife should send out on behalf of a 85% Christian -Judeo nation. He's the one who calls himself a dedicated Christian, not me.

So the "Political Correctness, Blue Plate Muslim Special" will do? They didn't even pay for them, the DNC does yet the input and approval comes straight from the White House.I'll tell you one thing, if they sent one to me I'd probably chuck it. lol

 For some history on the Obama family Christmas's, here's their 2007 one, which too still made mention of Christmas, as they don't come any more generic than this... the only person it could offend is a Christian...lol

Pretty strange for practicing Christians, don't you think? I make darn sure my cards "exude Christmas" and "a celebration of Christ" like most Christians do..

Just look at this piece of crud they have on the Obama website according to the Wonkette blog...Even that foul mouthed, Uber lib chickie ripped this thing......

Watch the language right from the get go on that post by the way if you visit that link, she has no compunction letting the "F" word fly all over that blog, not the way I like women to speak and really anyone at least in a public forum, but it strengthens her "lib cred" I guess.

Like she asked and exclaims there "Who the heck would want 'Health Reform for Christmas'?".  I spent 2 miserable years in a wheelchair from MS and still wouldn't wish for that....liberal manipulative asshats in that Obama team. Their dislike if not outright hatred for Christianity is showing through on that one for sure.

I searched high and low and cannot come up with a picture of this years official card, but I did make one up that I think would suit Barry and Michelle just fine....

chicagotribune.com: "WASHINGTON - -- President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have chosen an elegant greeting card that announces to recipients: 'Season's Greetings"

'May your family have a joyous holiday season and a new year blessed with hope and happiness,' the card reads.

The cover, which is cream-colored with a thin maroon border, depicts a gold wreath encircling a gold presidential coat of arms.

The tradition of presidents sending Christmas cards dates to Dwight Eisenhower in 1953.

The Obamas' selection, though, makes no mention of 'Christmas.' Nor does it feature a biblical passage (as favored by George W. and Laura Bush) or an artistic rendering of a room in the White House (often the case under Bill and Hillary Clinton).

The cards are being paid for by the Democratic National Committee, where a spokesman Tuesday did not respond to questions about how many were being sent or the cost."

Typical liberals send out the Xmas Card so as to not offend the Muslims Obama has within his family and inner circles that the MSM ignores and has ignored since they first heard of Obama, back when the Associated Press still considered him a Kenyan Born Muslim which you can verify by clicking here (new window)

Here's a  card sent by real practicing and dedicated Christian president and a classy first lady who are actually proud of and love this country, the Bush's.

This was the cartoon the people at JibJab made during the Bush Years which is kind of cute/ funny, whatever....

Bush Christmas Card - Click here for more blooper videos

Here's the one for the Kenyan Born Muslim Obama. Not too biting...

Obama and Comrades Christmas Card - Watch more amazing videos here

They don't wanna push too much, they're probably afraid they'll be labeled racists like the rest of us in the Obama resistance.

So this is the gaffe from the Obama crew which no doubt will be countered by the loons with links to Laura Bush sending out Hanukkah cards with a Christmas tree on them, which is like a loon virus all over Google.So you can go thumb through there and witness how nasty and filthy the liberals were when it came to bashing the president and his family unrelentingly.

A man who Obama after a D- year makes look like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson put together, and while Bush is and was a great man in his own right, that's pretty damn hard to do.

Which just accentuates how much OBAMA SUCKS.


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