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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"One America" Edwards Nudges Carolina Economy By Buying House For HIS Homewrecking Whore

WECT TV6 - WECT.com - : "CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - John Edwards' has reportedly purchased a home in a south Charlotte neighborhood for a woman in which he admitted to having an affair with.

Edwards, who was a presidential candidate in 2008, admitted to an affair with former campaign worker Rielle Hunter during a TV interview in August of 2008. Shortly after the news was made public, his political career begin to unravel.

Hunter gave birth to a girl named Frances in February of 2008 and many people speculated that Edwards fathered the child.

Edwards, however, denied being the child's father and later offered to take a paternity test, but Hunter reportedly did not agree to having the test conducted.

According to an article published by the Charlotte Business Journal on Monday, the National Enquirer is reporting that Edwards recently bought Hunter a house in Charlotte."
Talk about "One America"....

I can't buy my girlfriends' past and present new $700,000 houses to keep them happy and quiet, so I must not be a part of that "One America" that liberals like he, Barack Obama and Tiger Woods belong to and were always moaning and whining about during the 2009 elections.

How about you? Can you pay off anyone and everyone that's wound up on the enemy side of your life for whatever reasons like these democratic lear jet liberals do?

Didn't think so.

We've never seen a more "wealthy and disconnected" ruling class in this country's history than this super rich liberal group,  and that includes our founders, who were basically upper middle class farmers really. 

Thank God Edwards didn't make it through the presidential gauntlet last year, as at least it appears Obama wasn't running around the country all these years cheating on his wife at every whistle stop, as we can be sure any Obama sluts past or present would have emerged during the election. That is, however, unless they were all quietly rounded up and payed off, which is also a possibility, a good one in fact again with this group that throws others' money around like Randy Johnson of the MLB fame throws 100 mph fastballs.

this is a photoshop ...not one of mine but good quality lol

All of them except Larry Sinclair of course.......... he wasn't paid off to shut up nor sued for telling his tale, which tells me it must be true in some capacity and seeing Obama is a former  drug user I wouldn't put anything past him  (former we're told, although he still hasn't quit smoking and has lied about it for 2 years now)

Anyhow, look how innocuous this media news story was, using words like "admitted to having an affair" as opposed to "cheated on his wife who was and still is dying of cancer" which is much more explanatory and truthful, both at the same time because that's exactly what he did and we don't even know the full story I'm sure.

If he did it once he did it twice because most aren't caught on their first try. especially when you're a liberal and the media looks the other way until you piss them off.  Just look at Tiger Woods, they knew what he was doing, they protected him because he was half black and they didn't wanna tear him down either and be attacked and falsely labeled as racists.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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