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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only In The "Bizzarro World" | Wartime US President Picks Up His Peace Prize

Ron Paul agrees with my headline on this, only in the upside down "Bizzarro World" does a war president receive a "peace prize" after escalating a war. If he had any class which he terribly lacks he would have declined it. And furthermore, the money should go to the treasury to offset the cost of the trip I rag about below the video.

Obama: Peace Is Goal, But War Sometimes Justified (speech text)

I will for the first time give him some credit for defending the wars finally and asking for help on the ground a little more, so as a result now the left can all together now collectively say to the conservative "War Mongers" like myself that "You were right", they were necessary wars as even Obama agrees now that he knows what's really going on in the radical Muslim world out there.

He is in touch with that.

And he did at least address the fact that he was pretty undeserving and didn't belong on the same stage with some of the super duper top notch liberal's of the modern age often in their own eyes who've been previous recipients.

And also to his credit he briefly ripped Islam for 911. One sentence mind you, that doesn't erase the  fact that he somehow still denies being brought up as a Muslim even though we know he was and it's a fact. Just admit it.

He also talked at some length about the fact that he's a wartime president who just escalated the war in Afghanistan and somehow miraculously just won himself the top coveted so called "peace prize" on earth, at least in the world of liberal intellectual elites

This is Alex Jones on the Peace Prize being given to the new and improved "Obama, War President" going contrary to evrything he campaigned on which isn't news to us but is the left..

That's from a Russian news outfit and who woulda thunk that more truth would be coming out of the Moscow Media than the US media when it comes to this propped up president.

He also dropped the "obligatory slap"  at the Bush administration for almost acting unilaterally against Saddam when the rest of the world besides a few trust allies were too "wussed up" to do the job.

Funny and ironic a man who doesn't deserve it takes a slap at one who does,  since that man just liberated 50 million Muslims with the power of the US military and wasn't even considered for one and never will be, in this lifetime at least.

You can see TOTUS made the trip safely as well which is good....


This becomes more a joke every second as we see the president blowing 2.5 million on jet fuel to go pick up a prize adorned on him only because he is "anticipated" to be a peaceful president (who just escalated a war, thank goodness in a sense) and then a "climate change president", who in these next two weeks will be making 2 separate trips to the "Nether regions".

That of course would be Norway this morning and back in the air a few hours later, plus Hope and Gropenhagen next week to hang with Al the Gang, instead of combining the trips, dumping carbon all the way there and back,  like Santa with his endless sack of coal dumping over the entire non Muslim world Christmas eve.

Get the joke? It's on humanity that's for sure and these people at this ceremony this morning are "laughing their asses off" the entire time, finally implementing their Euro fascist agenda globally into the confines of the coveted US with the deepest pockets on earth, all with the aid of the new useful idiot American president.

He should be ashamed accepting an award like this that he and the entire world know, particularly now that he's shown up for work, that he does not deserve. I don't know about most folks, but when I was a child I was brought up to never EVER accept any credit for any things I didn't do.

Apparently not this guy    Fake.

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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