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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To Our Troops Around The World and At Home!

First thing,  this is an awesome poem tweaked for the military and read to " T'was The Night Before Christmas."...

A Soldier's Night Before Christmas

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This is a nice op ed written to the troops I came across this morning from the East Ohio newspaper known as the Wheeling Register, which happens to be the name of the Illinois town right across the street from my home here in Buffalo Grove Illinois.

Please read it, pass it along and say some prayers if you believe for these fighting men and women who do so much for us day in and day out and frankly don't get near what they deserve for doing so, and as soon as we cure the cancer in DC my hope is more former military men and women will run for office in the coming elections
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register "Throughout the Ohio Valley, the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is winding down. All over the Northern Panhandle and East Ohio, families are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to enjoy with loved ones what to many is the most treasured holiday of the year.

In another part of the world, not far from where the Christ Child lay in a manger two millennia ago, men and women we wish were home with us are preparing to observe Christmas in an entirely different way.

Those who serve us in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard cherish Christmas just as much as do we, their fellow Americans. But to ensure that we remain safe and free, they will be spending the holidays in faraway, often dangerous places.

For those in areas of conflict such as Afghanistan and Iraq, Christmas is far from a time to relax, reflect and enjoy. Our enemies in those countries despise the very faith that brings so many of us together at Christmas. They see the day as an opportunity to catch Americans with their guard down - anything but a time to celebrate peace on earth.

As you gather with your family on Christmas morning, American troops in Afghanistan will be on patrol with their weapons at the ready. As you sit down to dinner tonight, Americans in armored vehicles will be worrying about improvised explosive devices in Iraq.

While we sing 'Silent Night,' those who serve us in so many places will be praying for just that.

The military does all in its power to ensure that those in uniform enjoy at least some of the trappings of Christmas. Many will partake of special meals tonight and on Christmas Day. Many will open packages from home, either from families and friends or from the wonderful organizations that work hard to support them. And many will attend special religious services.

But they will be away from home, away from mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, daughters and sons. Tens of thousands of those who serve will be in harm's way while we at home reflect that, in large measure because of them, we really do have wonderful lives.

May God bless and keep them.

And may they understand that throughout the land they protect, one of our most fervent wishes is that they, too, have a merry Christmas."

We need people with honor and discipline in Washington and the Military is the only institution in America still turning out people with those qualifications because our schools sure as hell aren't doing the job, instead turning out Anti American and culture of death worshiping liberal footsoldiers.

May God please watch over these men and women in harms way and bring them home to America as soon as possible when their mostly humanitarian mission is completed with the victory and honor they deserve that liberals like we have today in power wish to deny.
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