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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Liberal Senate Dems Defeat GOP Attempt to Filibuster $1.1T Spending Bill The Road To Bankruptcy

Somebody wanna ask these out of control liberal dem Pollyanna's who's gonna pay for all this sh*& over the next 140 years, since it is they who've aborted half their children  to the tune of 10 plus million babies a year, which also means future productive citizens and HOPEFUL tax payers? (I know that's asking a lot from libs but we can hope)

Us is obviously who's gonna pay, that's who. At least that's what they think today.

In fact not us but all you working men and women with children will be paying your entire lives for people who have more children than you do and DON'T work and want you to work longer and harder so they can collect even more on your backs.

How does that feel?

Like Barney Frank most of the time is what I bet it feels like, although I and most of you wouldn't know, which is part of what makes us NOT liberals.

. And King Dingy Harry, San Fran Queen Pelosi and her new jumbo jet and their band of Gay Boobs could give a flying hoot, just try and ask them at this phone number if you can.....they'll tell you what they think of you through their staff ....and through moves like these all dem weekend sessions behind closed doors for the past month

Funny though that poor harry had to cancel a "thousand dollar a plate" fundraiser for this weekend thanks to Minority Leader John Boehner, who made Harry stick for this so called debate on a trillion dollar IOU to China to pay off more dem support and votes with these huge DNC slush funds they may as well call them, since that's what they are.  And that's what this 1 Trillion dollar vote they're taking tomorrow is all about.

"F - U" America !

FOXNews.com - "WASHINGTON - The Democratic-controlled Senate on Saturday turned back a Republican effort to block a final vote on a huge end-of-year spending bill that rewards most federal agencies with generous budget boosts.

The $1.1 trillion measure combines much of the year's unfinished budget work -- only a $626 billion Pentagon spending measure would remain -- into a 1,000-plus-page spending bill that would give the Education Department, the State Department, the Department of Health and Human Services and others increases far exceeding inflation.

The 60-34 vote largely along party lines met the minimum threshold to end the Republican filibuster, a legislative maneuver to delay a final vote on a bill. A final vote on the spending package was set for Sunday afternoon to send the measure to President Barack Obama to sign"  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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