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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Wrong With this Picture, Bad Ass Women and Metro Sexual Men

That's what this country is turning out by the truckload  alright .... and so now we have butch bi**es going around beating up other GIRLS during soccer matches and metromomo's at home as well ...the women are tougher than the men most of the time or at least or portrayed as such more often today then not...this is who we're talking about here below....
University of New Mexico junior defender Elizabeth Lambert has been suspended indefinitely from the women's soccer team after her rough play during a match against BYU in the semifinals of the Mountain West Conference .  associated press....
I'm sure you've seen this video of this named above  butch chickie running around pulling hair out of girls' heads and kicking others lying on the ground and other poor sportsperson crap.. this skank should be tossed out of school for this crap if you asked me,  because she's probably there on scholarship anyways and violated the terms I'm sure....is that what the school wants to project out there?  I don't think so..

and meanwhile.......we have males (not men, just male chromosomes minus the testosterone) all over Hollywood and elsewhere,  which means most of our TV's, movies and other entertainment is now gay indoctrination material and outright porn churning out males who are more like these flamers  pictured  below, along with so called leaders in our government like Bendover Barney Frank.....

what great role models on manhood ya know? (eyes rolling out of the top of my head)  In fact, here's a video and story running right on CNN's front page about a gay military man by the way, looks like a very nice guy,  and goes off to Iraq a  heterosexual man and comes back Gay he claims...WTF  (gee, I always  thought  they were born that way they claimED...lol)

No wonder Islam is kicking our asses all over the place at times, that is  when our military isn't wiping up the sand over there in hell on earth for with them for what they've done over here so far (mostly 911 and the Ft Hood Terror Massacre which is about 3014 dead)....as even there our Armed forces are being forced to be wussiffied and diverse so they can get killed in their own tents and mess halls while their gay bunkmates are reading playgirl magazines, walking around naked hanging around the shower stalls and hanging drapes in their foxholes........

Our forefathers, great grandfathers who were more John Wayne than Rock the Crock Hudson  would be puking at this girlyman America we live in today.,..simply mortifying what we've become.....sickening to me and millions of others I'm Certain.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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