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Friday, November 6, 2009

NY Times and Family Try Painting Muslim Killer as The Poor Victim

This piece I caught from the NY Times this morning I read only to verify what I expected to read gauging from it's headline....and that being the writer of the piece down below and the family of the Muslim gunman who murdered 12 and injured 31 are hard at work painting him as the "poor little victim" likely on advice from someone at CAIR or like minded organization of lawyers coming to con the media on his behalf as they always do..

You get this angle right in the opening lines of the story, where they blame his rampage on him being teased by others "because he was a Muslim"...and to that charge, I say "bullshit",  meaning this; that any "grown man" who can't take some normal ribbing or this kind of mostly harmless verbal jousting is far from "a man" and more like a "complete coward" I'd say in the first place...... and then to blame others as his family is doing before even issuing an apology for his inexplicable actions on his behalf simply makes my blood boil.
...."he had second thoughts about his military career a few years ago after other soldiers harassed him for being a Muslim" the family said....
So their message to the world isn't that "they're sorry for what their relative did",  but to blame American military men and women for his deadly rampage, probably hoping the American (term used loosely) lefties will join right in on their behalf since they hate the military for the most part, until of course they need 'em for something or another, that is....

This is what I would consider a typical response from parents who are Palestinian as they are, and for their next trick you can bet somehow or another they'll blame the Jews too for their son's inexcusable rampage, just like they're all taught back home all the way from birth onward through strapping on their first and last suicide vest..

In addition, this is like the second or third time a Muslim in the military has killed his own brethren at this base in Ft Hood alone,  and as a result of the increase,  our policy of admitting middle eastern men and women to the military must be re analyzed, as far too many of these people are proving to be violent, America hating killers, just like this man was deep down who are ready to explode at a seconds notice.

To add to that problem, they're just too much of a headache and outright risk to have within the ranks of our soldiers at any cost, as their inevitable allegiance to Islam and it's intrusive customs  is contradictory to our way of  life in the west, and particularly in western military environments, as they always choose Islam over their supposed new country and it's customs ....ALWAYS.......once the rubber hits the road!!!.

In fact, for all we know a good majority of these men and women practicing Islam who are in our military  could be flat out planted spies using the PC culture that we live in today as an impervious shield that protects them from normal scrutiny which WILL ULTIMATELY CAUSE US ANOTHER 911...

In fact most Muslims and Hispanic illegals only join the service for the rather generous college benefits and citizenship, but then, all of a sudden when they're set to deploy like this man was ready to do, the ACLU led court cases pop up from the left nut gallery, then soon thereafter "conscientious objector" becomes the most familiar phrase of the day, from which point they then move onto doing just about anything and everything they can manage to bolt the service part of the deal comes due.

And most often that's because they simply can't bring themselves to fight their Muslim brothers and sisters of whom their loyalties lie, which at once reveals both their cowardice, and their true intentions of bolting the military with a million dollars worth of education and training at first chance legally or otherwise.

This to me  means they have no real allegiance to this country whatsoever, and yet they're in OUR MILITARY working for "who knows who" on "who knows what", doing whatever they can manage while surrounded by all the sensitive information they're exposed to while there?

We must all be nuts to allow the PC culture to permeate the military like it has where it has no place as IT COSTS OUR SOLDIERS THEIR LIVES on the battlefield and even here at home now!!! .

In light of all that said, It's quite obvious to me that very, very few Muslims actually give a damn about this country and particularly it's customs, and come here with no intentions to ever fully leave Islam in their "rear view mirrors of life" per se as our forefathers did.  All the time remaining loyal to their homelands in the third world, and this killer is obviously no different from those in that category...and at this moment  it's just too bad he lived through the whole episode is my general feeling and I'm sure the feeling of many others too scared to speak up about it like me.

Mostly, the flood of Muslims that are  flocking both here and everywhere else in the west is a blatant attempt to essentially colonize this country and others throughout Europe, essentially acting as "placeholders" per se, until enough are born and bred here in order to one day begin an "inside out assault and Sharia takeover" starting an Islamic revolution at some point down the road within the western world, just as they so often promise to do in their regular fiery, hate filled speeches that sadly most left wing Americans ignore at their own peril..

And electing a Muslim American president who can't even admit "he too" is a Muslim at heart sure doesn't help the matters, so with allegiance to Muhammad first, our beloved America falls somewhere down at the bottom of the list for Hussein Obama and nutcases like this shooter for sure. And Obama's innumerable pro Muslim actions he's since inauguration proves the theory without a doubt and has emboldened our enemies that our countries are within their reach now more than ever.

Who knows what could happen,  for all we can imagine, Obama might even be the next Muslim to lose it, as he gets sick, tired and crazy of pretending to be an American Christian 1st and foremost which he is not, and then suddenly on a bad day he cuts loose just like this guy did. We don't even know this man and I know more about him than most people having posted over 3000 articles and written rants devoted entirely to Brack Hussein Obama..

Refusing to assimilate is what caused most of these rampant killers to be mocked if indeed it's even true which I doubt, and this is a gargantuan problem in this country right now, almost irreperable at this point in time, as we probably blew it forever by letting our culture become poisoned and hijacked from these American immigrants IN NAME ONLY like it has over the past 50 years, most of my time here for the ride..

In closing this post, the video is interesting as here's the man caught RIGHT before the shootings on some surveillance video obtained by CNN from a 7-Eleven store. that shows a man who, according to the store owner, is Maj. Nidal Malik. Hasan at the cashier's counter, just  hours before the mass shootings in Fort Hood, Texas in his full dress Muslim garb like he just walked off a hijacked plane from Mecca .

Suspect Was ‘Mortified’ About Deployment to War

WASHINGTON - Born and reared in Virginia, the son of immigrant parents from a small Palestinian town near Jerusalem, he joined the Army right out of high school, against his parents’ wishes. The Army, in turn, put him through college and then medical school, where he trained to be a psychiatrist.

But Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the 39-year-old man accused of Thursday’s mass shooting at Fort Hood, Tex., started having second thoughts about his military career a few years ago after other soldiers harassed him for being a Muslim, he told relatives in Virginia.

He had also more recently expressed deep concerns about being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. Having counseled scores of returning soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, first at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and more recently at Fort Hood, he knew all too well the terrifying realities of war, said a cousin, Nader Hasan.    more whining here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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