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Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Official America, Obama IS JIMMY CARTER!!! 10% Employment Worst Since 1983

Welcome to Double Digit Misery America, and if that massive unemployment number wasn't depressingly miserable enough, just you wait 'til the hyperinflation starts that we've warned about even on this little blog for going on 7 months now. Starting way back when this was the idea .....

 ..the sly media may have to come up with a new replacement for the "misery Index" that they loved using during Bush's terms, since our Halfrican friend has now brought America to it's knees with the worst unemployment seen here since the cleanup after Mr Peanut that took one of our greatest presidents EVER a full term to clean up..

That would be the year of 1983, which my friends when I graduated from high school,  and it's now taken 26 years, but the left has finally given America a replacement for the old senile Peanut Farmer as the "suckiest one time leader of the new world" .....and with it this Obama and 111th congress caused misery is just warming up folks.

Get ready for a most miserable ride most Americans my age and under (44) have never experienced in our mostly comfortable lives, and if we don't impeach this guy soon for any number of constitutional breeches, as well as prosecuting congress for the same that's put us here in this predicament starting with the dem caused Financial Tsunami and Housing Meltdown,  the country will collapse in less than 2 years time...

Guaranteed. Look how far we've fallen these first nine months!!

Unemployment Rate Tops 10 Percent as 16 Million People Look for Jobs

FOXNews.com: "WASHINGTON -- Nearly 16 million people can't find jobs, the Labor Department said Friday, pushing the unemployment rate over 10 percent for the first time since 1983.

The Labor Department said Friday that the economy shed a net total of 190,000 jobs in October, less than the downwardly revised 219,000 lost in September. August job losses were also revised lower, to 154,000 from 201,000.

But the loss of jobs last month exceeded economists' estimates. It's the 22nd straight month the U.S. economy has shed jobs, the longest on records dating back 70 years.

Counting those who have settled for part-time jobs or stopped looking for work, the unemployment rate would be 17.5 percent, the highest on records dating from 1994.

The jobless rate rose to 10.2 percent from 9.8 percent in September. The jump reflects a sharp increase in the tally of unemployed Americans, which rose to 15.7 million from 15.1 million. That was much larger than the net loss of jobs, which is based on a survey of businesses."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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