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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mike Tyson Arrested in Airport Melee -

Well if you read my initial post you'll see a quote where I say "he had to violate some probation or another with this and with any luck it'll be off to prison" you can read those comments below this story post, but meantime this is now the news from TMZ who I hate but they got it first....

Mike Tyson can't get a break. Court officials in Arizona tell TMZ they're looking at yesterday's bloody LAX incident to determine if the ex-champ violated his probation. If he did, he could end up in an Arizona prison.  Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0Wg5t8COj

Told ya so....lol

*****original post below******

The Hollywood Gossip: "Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson was detained at LAX airport Wednesday after getting into an altercation, according to various reports.

A photographer told investigators that in fact Tyson punched him in the face and tried to take the film from his camera. Tyson told investigators that a celebrity gossip photographer struck him in an apparent attempt to provoke him.

Both wanted to press charges against each other, so police placed both under arrest. The photographer was taken to a hospital with injuries to his face.

Tyson was taken by LAX police to the Los Angeles Police Department's 77th Street Division, where he was booked on suspicion of battery and released.

'He was very cooperative,' Lt. Aaron McCraney said. 'There were no issues.'"
Maybe society will luck out like it did when double murderer OJ Simpson was taken off the streets after slithering out of the double murder charges and see Mike Tyson sent back to prison again,  which would complete the full circle for him since he started out there and has been visiting every few years ever since.

So, since he likes it so much in jail and can't figure out how to stay out,  why not do the world a favor and take him off the streets for good before he kills someone besides himself by getting into fights with everything from women to photographers all over the world.... like this one just this morning....

What a loser, ya know?

He can't fight in the ring anymore so he goes around fighting with the public at every chance,  and then of course you have the imbecilic people that start crap with him just to sucker him into a lawsuit as they know it's easy to do because he's as dumb as dirt... he can't help it I guess....

Hopefully AND LIKELY, he broke some parole or another somewhere with this latest arrest if it turns into charges,  and with any luck whatsoever he ends up in prison for life after three strikes if society is so lucky...

however ....In his defense this time only.......TMZ, which I freakin HATE....has really re-ignited the paparazzi crap, and it'll be sooner than later before yet another one of these hunted down celebrities and others are killed in the paparazzi peep pursuit of the next "one second one million dollar pic" like poor Princess Diana (if she wasn't killed by Prince Charles's people that is..)


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